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‘Ivie was never pregnant, never married before she met John nor admitted dating Matthew’

After contacting Ivie, she didn’t speak to us. But one of her friends answered our questions on Friday, November 18, 2016…


He claimed that he never neglected the children. He said he paid their school fees for 2015/2016 session?

The wife paid the children’s fees 2015/2016 session. She left the house in 2014. Before she left, he had paid for that session (2014/2015). His wife and children were travelling from Orile to Ajah because she left the house without a penny. The wife couldn’t afford to take the children to another school. He had paid the school fees for that session, but by 2015/2016, the wife paid for her children.

He claimed that he never took them out of the medical insurance?

She has the email to prove that.

He claimed that all through the separation, he was still seeing the wife and they were having sex at will in Ajah?

That is also not true. Yes, at some point, the wife was civil about the whole issue because of their children

She stayed with her father after John kicked her and the children out of the house. They were in her father’s house till around April 2016, I think, before she moved to her own apartment. Nobody saw him at her father’s house coming to visit the children. From when he kicked them out, she did not see anything from him until September 2015. It was time for the children school fees but she did not go to meet him. He went to the children’s school in Ajah to ask about his children and they told him she had changed their school. That was exactly one year after.

He also claimed that he slept severally at his wife’s Surulere house?

He went to her father’s house to plead with him but her father told him she no longer lived there. He called her on phone and requested for his children. Like I said earlier, she tried as much as possible to be matured and civil with him. Thank God she was doing fine. She got a better job, a better car and was able to pay her debts. The guy wanted access to his children and my friend gave him access. He went to the house and saw his children. There was a time he went unannounced and she prevented him from seeing her children. She had moved on and wanted proper notice before he showed up. There are neighbours who can testify that she turned him back twice.

Is it true he ever slept at her Surulere house about four times?

It is a bloody lie. He went there one day because he was stranded before moving to Yaba.

Did she know about the Yaba house. Was she the one that chose it?

She saw the Yaba house before he paid for it. She did not pay for the house. The wife gave him a condition that if he wants his children to be coming over to his place, he must get a place not too far from her house. She insisted she can’t take them to Ajah.

He said his wife left Ajah in 2014 because she had accumulated some debts. Because of the embarrassment of her creditors, she should relocate to her father’s house. Did she ever agree to move away or he kicked her out?

At the point when she was kicked out of the house, no creditor had come then. He kicked her out at night and she slept in her car for two days. She did not want to leave because of her children. Her last born was two years old then. After a while, when he noticed he couldn’t cope with the children, he sent for her to pick them or he would send them to his mother in the village. She went to pick the children up with no single money. She could only afford one three week’s  bill for a hotel in Ajah. The children were writing exams then. She didn’t want to take them far from the school. Later, his cousin accommodated them but he still went ahead to fight his cousin.

Creditors went to Ajah to see her but she had been kicked out. It is also a lie that his sister  was in the bathroom. She was the one that opened the gate for the creditors. It is not true that they dragged her out of the bathroom. I can get contacts of the creditors for you to confirm.

He claimed that he never quarreled with his late cousin that accommodated his family?

That is a big lie. The late cousin’s wife is still alive. She can testify to this.

He claimed she never slept in a hotel?

Where would she have stayed? It is a lie.

He claimed he never threw the picture of their children at her?

He took these pictures off the wall and put them in a bag. I can get the contact of the person that came to assist her pack her things one month after he sent her packing. He threw the picture of the children at her but she did not pick them. It was the only thing he had as father of his children.

He also said the divorcee his wife claimed he was dating helped her do a business plan?

He told the lady to help him with a company proposal. She was the one that went to collect his tax certificate because she decided to use it for her business.

In 2014, he claimed that the debts had risen to N32 million and that she was owing some of his colleagues at Zenith Bank?

The colleagues were mutual friends of the couple. She started business and it was successful. He gave her advise to do this or that. She even built a house for him in the village.

At what point did the business collapse?

She was into importation. She was bringing in diapers and she had collected some  loans. She was borrowing to settle her bills or debts. It was like borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. Debts were accumulating. She couldn’t get to pay her debts.

As it stands now, has she settled all of her debts?

Every single one, except those who changed their minds about the interest on the loan. Some said she should pay the principal and forget the interest. At the point of paying everybody back, some thought she had extra money to pay, and they were demanding the interest.

He also claimed that somebody is blackmailing her?

Nobody ever blackmailed her. When you put your hand into business money, you can never get it back. She was feeding her family while they were together. The husband never bought one shoe for any of these children. The last born was still a baby. She was still taking wipes and diaper from her business to take care of the baby. They used part of it from her business that was supposed to be part of the capital of the business. Nobody ever blackmailed her. She couldn’t manage the business money properly. They were living on it. He knew she wasn’t working.

Her husband claimed she never sold her wedding ring to offset her debts?

She does not have a wedding ring as we speak. He even challenged her the first time they sat down and saw face to face. He requested for her wedding ring and she said she sold it. She sold it to pay bills. Her children’s school fees last session was N1.7 million or thereabout. She paid it on her own. He paid the last  one because she was already planning for a divorce and he knew they would ask what he did for his children. He only paid for first term. What about the second and third term?

He claimed that he was giving her money to take care of the children.

It is not true. He sent some small amount at a time after inflicting injury on her. He sent series of text messages that they should not go to court and promised to take care of her children.

He claimed the wife promised not to go to court, he showed a letter to that effect?

She did not say she wouldn’t go to court. The letter he displayed was a letter to Zenith Bank. When she first reported to Zenith Bank, they didn’t do anything, and when the news went viral, they were writing Zenith Bank staff. The bank said they were dragging their name into a family feud, she later wrote a letter to absolve dragging the bank into a family feud. You can read the letter again. She also has a letter to show how he wrote that the bank would sue her for defamation.

She did not state there that she would not take the case to court. She stated that their families were working to resolve issues but despite all, he has written, it does not change the fact that he has left her crippled.

He claimed that Matthew was the one that wanted to hit her with a hammer?

It is a very big lie. If he said that he stood between Matthew and his wife, it never happened. He said he was lying on top of the wife. If Matthew wanted to strike him, how come it hit her when he was on top. He missed the first time and tried again and hit her in a place where her bone was shattered in 9 places.

So, it is means his story is not true?

Very untrue. I can give you the witness’ number so you can confirm. All of them would be in court.

He said they both had an agreement to see on June 18?

It is untrue. It was her father’s 72nd birthday. She was in Orile. She has pictures to prove that she was at the birthday.

He said he reminded her of her father’s birthday?

How can he remind her of her dad’s birthday when she and her siblings planned the surprise birthday party together? She was there with her children. If she was such an evil person, he should have divorced her.

He said the two of them promised to hang out that day?

Why would they hang out? I can remember he said she left her children with a 13 year old girl. She had two house helps. One of them had written JAMB and was about to enter the university. It was the same help that went to take care of the children in his house. He gave the girl a phone number in order to be monitored. He claimed that she is having a relationship with Matthew. Can he prove it?

He said she admitted she had a relationship with Matthew?

It is not true. The message he is referring to can be doctored. It entered his phone as word document. The only thing that cannot be doctored is if he screen shot it. Have you seen the document? She asked herself a question and she was the one answering it.

So, she didn’t admit to be dating Matthew?

Dating Matthew, how? She can say whatever she likes out of anger.

There is a claim that Matthew is already married with two children?

He claims that. How did he know that? He is a contractor. She moved into her new house in April. She didn’t have a man but Matthew is her friend. She had a lot of things to fix. He got a lot of people to fix the different things for her. She is not dating him.

If he cannot prove that he caught her in a compromising position, it is all hear-say.

He said she kissed him on June 19?

How? He came to her house about 1am. What was he doing their himself?

He claimed he slept here about four times before?

It is a lie. Her neighbours are there. They can bear witness to it. She walked him out of her house. Twice he wanted to attack her in the middle of the night.

Do you know if he was physically violent all through their marriage?

Oh yes! I have somebody to back that up. When she was pregnant for their third child, he beat her to the stage that she had to be admitted in the hospital. She later went to her cousin’s house to stay. There were times he would be very angry and locked her out. There was a time she used mortar to break the door so she could pack her clothes.

He did the physical abuse maybe like twice but it was more of verbal abuse. That was constant. There was a time they had disagreement that he would not point to the fact they had only female children.

He said anytime she says they have only female children, he always said he was proud of them?

It is a lie. He said his sister had a son but she was the one that helped them to pay their medical fees. She took care of them. Nobody knows the father of these children. She put his name on the birth certificate of the children. Can she now claim they had an incestuous relationship and gave birth to a son? Who would know? After all, she wrote his name on their birth certificate. He produced a scan report that he is using against her. Did you look at the scan report? He claimed she had twins. For where? The scan read single. She was not pregnant for him. They can go to the hospital and verify if she had been pregnant in the last four years.

He said there is a picture of her pregnant in her house in Surulere with a green paint?

That is his word against hers. I know she was never pregnant for him. She can go to the hospital to prove that. The last child was born four years ago. He does not have prove that she aborted.

He said he wants her back?

He has not said that to her. She didn’t tell me that.

He told me her wants her back?

Frankly speaking, she spent two months in the hospital yet he was insulting her. One minute, he was begging her and the next insulting her.

She calmed down because their family was planning to do reconciliation. I can produce copies of the paper. Her hospital bill was N3.2 million. John went there to deposit N500,000 and gave a breakdown of how he would pay till March next year. She is temporarily disabled. She cannot work and John said she should find a way of settling their bills (children’s upkeep, school fees) till March when he would finish paying her hospital bill.

He wasn’t thinking of the children at all. He told the hospital to keep her till he had the money. That was at the point when she was to be discharged.

Can he go on with the marriage?

To do what? When she made a report in the papers, she didn’t include anything personal. She just stated that he inflicted injury on her and refused to pay her bills.

She always knew about the women in his life. He would rob the picture of the women on himself to torment her, but she said nothing.

He said she made a confession at St Dominic Church, Yaba, to Rev. Father Felix?

The catholic church frowns at divorce and he knew she wanted to divorce him. He went to the Rev. Father so that he could beg her not to get a divorce. The Rev. Father spoke with her stating why divorce is bad. It wasn’t a confession.

He said she went there to confess that she was dating Matthew?

It is not true. He too went for confession himself and the Rev. Father counseled them.

How much of the bill has been paid now?

It was N500,000 till date.

Is she trying to pay the bills?

Of course, she is trying to raise money for it. She is still doing physiotherapy for her to walk, that is another expense. Whatever money she has is to take care of her health and children.

He claimed the children told him Matthew used to come to their house and stay for hours in her bedroom?

Like I said, the guy was always going there to fix things. Definitely, the children would say a guy used to come regularly but does it mean they are dating?

It is a big lie. Her bathroom had issues as well. She had things to fix there. If she was a man, she would have done it herself.

He claimed that she left Econet on a bad note?

Everybody has their own issues. She is not an exception.

He also said she was going to be sacked at Stanbic IBTC and he had to go there to submit her resignation letter?

She worked in procurement so she was connected to all the suppliers that were doing things. She used all her vendors to fix up things in his house at his village. Stanbic IBTC noticed that she was doing personal business with their vendors, they were annoyed and she resigned. She bought all electrical equipment from her office vendors, even to the fittings. She did the honourable thing by leaving. She did all the fittings in the house. She was in a position to help him out. Now, she no longer has the money that is why she has become a bad person. Even to the DSTV, the moving vehicles that took all those supplies were from the bank vendors.

Can you tell us the position of her parents in all of these?

When John sent her out of the house, her father came to plead so that she can stay with him and settle issues amiably, he said no. Her uncle also begged John to allow her stay so that the debts could be paid, John refused.

Did she discuss all these issues with his mother and siblings?

She did. She was close with the younger sister, even mother. Not one day did his mother come to Lagos until she was injured and they locked him up.  She never went to see her parent or showed concern. She just went to the hospital and told her not to charge the case to court.

Her father tried to intervene and settle things until he started insulting him. He told her family that she was owing him. If he was her husband, he should have done that to help her. She has the document where it is written N1.25 million. How did he come about N8 million again?

He said she was collecting money from people and claiming her father was sick?

It is not true. She agreed she had issues with creditors like I said, she borrowed money from Peter to pay Paul and she had to pay with interest. She was borrowing to pay others. That was what happened. She admitted she had a problem, she couldn’t run her business.

Did he ever visit her when she was in the hospital?

He went the day after he was released from detention. He had to beg her neighbour to follow him so that nobody would lynch him. That neighbor is still alive.

You said he was threatening her in the hospital?

Yes, he was threatening her. John would become aggressive. If he is begging you and you don’t agree…Let us go back to the scan reported. She had a friend having difficulty with pregnancy. She advised her to see her doctor. She didn’t have a card and she suggested she should use her card. Her friend became pregnant and she was the one who collected the scan result for her friend. She used the email they are using for business to send the scan result. And since then, he has been blackmailing her. Her friend relocated to America to meet her husband. She is ready to go to a reputable  hospital so that they can verify if she has been pregnant in the last four years.

He said she was once married to one Benedict Jato?

If she had been married before, the court would have known. They got married in the registry. The court would have seen it. They cannot permit such a thing.

John claimed she was still in touch with Benedict Jato?

John is a possessive person. Her wife dated Benedict Jato before they got married and John sent text messages to him. She was in the bathroom where all these happened. John replied the text messages himself pretending to be his wife. He was professing his love for the guy and John went ahead to report a threat to life. Jato was arrested and detained at the police station.

John stored all evidence since April to do what? He is very calculating. If his wife was a bad person, he should ask for divorce and everything would be settled. Why is he fighting? In as much as they were separated, she gave room for settlement and for him to have access to his children. If all the attack was not there, there might be room for them to come back together.  Even if he says she is having an affair, they are both separated. There is no law court that says she cannot have a relationship before divorce. She just can’t get married before divorce   The police found a digger on him.

He claimed he had no dagger on him?

You people can go to the police station to find out. He also parked on another street. If it was on my friend’s street, she would have been suspicious. He sent his friend to come and pick the car the following day. If he had good intentions, he would have parked in front of her hose and waited for her to come back. It was all premeditated.

There was no way he would have planned to murder her…

Attempted murder or premeditated assault to inflict injury carries charges of about 14 years, so what is the difference? If the court does not go for murder, they would go for a lesser charge which is equally bad.

Does she not mind if he goes to jail?

She does not want that in the first place but with what he has done, it is bad. If she was your sister, what would you say? He pushed her to the point where the charge would be upgraded. It started from insult, then  later assault. He had three good months to make amendment. He also said she wrote a letter to Zenith, but he was called back after she wrote the apology. She is human too. She feels the pain every day. She cannot play with her children because she doesn’t not have two legs.

She cannot bath without somebody standing there to help her. She falls because she slips on her crutches and falls  on the same leg. She cannot take a staircase without assistance. If she’s thinking about those parts, she would be bitter. Is she bad for allowing her children have a relationship with their father?

She had dealt with sleepless night for five months because of the psychological trauma.

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