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Inside the messy marriage of John and Ivie Edobor

-Tales of adultery, domestic violence, deceit, humongous debt, broken limb and attempted murder charge

– ‘Ivie was never pregnant, never married before she met John nor admitted dating Matthew’

-‘My wife is an adulterer, chronic debtor who aborted our twins’ –John Edobor

The Edobors (John and Ivie) who have three daughters (Omoafe, 9, Ehinomeh, 7, and Isabelle, 4) came into public space in September 2016.

By then, 39 year old Ivie had a broken limb, and John, 40, was facing ‘a grievous bodily harm’ charge.

And as the weeks rolled by, both recounted their ordeals, stating how events in their marriage turned for the worse.

There are claims and counter claims by both parties in the case which has now been escalated to ‘an attempted murder charge’ against John Edobor who lost his Zenith Bank job last week.

Here are the accusations of Ivie…


  • That John came back into their lives in Easter of 2016, after abandoning her and the three children since September 2014.
  • She was thrown out of their Ajah matrimonial home in the middle of the night. And, two days later, the children were also kicked out.
  • The cousin who accommodated them in Ajah, John quarreled with until he had to tell them to leave.
  • Wife and children stayed in a hotel for three weeks so that the kids would be close to their school.
  • They eventually moved to Orile, her father’s house, where they commuted to their Ajah school for the rest of the session.
  • By this time, John had bragged that he was starting a family with a divorcee with a daughter. He even flaunted their pictures on social media.
  • Their problem actually began when she ran into trouble in her diaper importation business. She accumulated a huge debt after she dabbled into importing perishable items.
  • Apart from the 2014/2015 fees, John refused to take care of his children, nor provided housekeeping allowance – until late in 2015.
  • When he re-entered their lives, he started interrogating the children about her life, whether she was dating other men.
  • Then on June 19, John surfaced in her Surulere house where he injured her.
  • That a dagger was found on him.
  • And that he had been stalking her
  •  When she was in hospital with a broken limb which will take many months to heal, he still was threatening her
  • Only N500,000, from the N3.2 million hospital bill, has been paid. She now wants a divorce


On his part, John made some revelations…

  • That he never neglected his wife and children. That all through their separation, she was coming to Ajah on the weekends, where they continued to have sex
  •  She left Ajah after both agreed that her creditors were becoming an embarrassment. That she should relocate temporarily to Orile (her father’s house).
  • That the total debt came to around N32 million  (borrowed money from friends and neighbours, without his knowledge).
  • That she withdrew the children from the Ajah school after he had paid their fees for 2015/2016
  •  That she admitted dating Matthew Agbaire, after he confronted her with evidence. And even went to confession at St. Dominic’s Church (Yaba) where she told Father Felix about the misdemeanor on June 7
  • That both had agreed to hang out on June 18
  • That she had a history of fraud and deceit which led to her leaving Econet (now Airtel) and Stanbic IBTC
  • That the said Matthew Agbaire, who’s married and has two children, must have been blackmailing her.
  • She was pregnant with twins, conceived in November 2015, and she later ‘aborted’ the babies without his knowledge following accusations of infidelity
  •  That she was once married to a Benedict Jatto (in 2002) without his knowledge all through their marriage.


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