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Inside the wedding of Orelope Adefulire’s daughter

‘How they met in primary school’

-Couple, parents speak

It was another glorious day in the family of Princess Adejoke Orelope Adefulire , the former deputy governor of Lagos State and Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu  Buhari on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) , when her daughter , Esther Olayinka Adefulire got married to her heartthrob of many years, Olusola Olaleye Olawepo, on Saturday, July 9, 2016, at Archbishop Vining Memorial Cathedral Church, Oba Akinjobi Street, Ikeja , Lagos.

Reception which held at The Haven nearby had in attendance politicos and the creme la creme of Nigeria social circle.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had exclusive interviews with the new couple and their parents…


‘He’s everything that a woman wants in a man’ -ESTHER OLAYINKA ADEFULIRE (Bride)

1-DSC_0644How do you feel getting married to Olusola today?

Very , very happy

When did the relationship with Olusola start?

Very long time .We’ve known each other right from our primary and secondary school days and later we met again in the church.

At what stage of the relationship did it occur to you that Olusola is the man that you want to live the rest of your life with?

That was in 2013.

What would you say you found in him that made you decide he is the man that you want as your husband ?

Everything that a woman wants in a man.

How did he propose to you?

It was an in-house thing. It was in-house. I came for a programme and that was it.

How many children are you planning for?

As many as God is willing to grant us.


1-DSC_0612‘I’m very happy’ -MR. TUNDE OLAWEPO (groom’s father)

How do you feel seeing your son getting married?

We thank God. I am very happy. I thank the parents of the bride very well. They did very well. We thank God that we are witnessing today.

When did your son introduce Esther to you as the wife he wants to marry?

About three years ago.

Since you know her, how will you describe her?

She is a very good girl. I am very proud of her.

What’s your expectation from this marriage?

God’s blessings for them and good children.

What is your prayer for them?

They will live longer than we their parents and they will prosper both materially and spiritually. God will continue to shower His blessings on them.


1-DSC_0644-001‘She’s just the one that completes me’ -OLUSOLA OLALEYE OLAWEPO (Groom)

How do you feel being married to Esther?

I feel joyous. The Bible says he that finds a wife, finds a good thing and all things and favour from God. So, she is God’s favour to me.

Definitely, you are bound to be happy when you receive favour from God. So, I feel so happy, elated and joyous.

You want to tell us how and when you met her?

Like she said, we’ve been childhood friends right from our primary and secondary school days.

You attended the same primary school?

Yes, we did.

Which primary school is this?

Young Stars Nursery and Primary School.

Where is this?

At Egbeda, Lagos state.

And secondary school?

Yes, and secondary school.

Which secondary school is this?

Salvation High School. Afterwards we became good friends before she left for London and we lost contact. She came to Lagos for a programme and we met in church again.

Which church is this?

Christ Embassy.

What would you say attracted you to her?

That is a lifelong dream come true. She embodies all the characteristics I wish for in line with my vision that I have God. What else can I ask for? She’s just the one that completes me. No one else. I am very happy because I feel blessed.

When you find a woman that loves God as much as you do, nothing else matters. For me, that is all I care for and I am glad I found that in her and through her.

How did you propose?

I did it in a spiritual way.

How many children are we expecting from this marriage?

Three is enough for me.


Adefulire 1-DSC_0358‘I give God all the glory’ -PRINCESS ADEJOKE ORELOPE-ADEFULIRE (Bride’s mother)

How did you feel seeing your daughter getting married yesterday?

I give God all the glory, thanksgiving and adoration for His grace to have another wedding in the family, especially giving our daughter’s hand in marriage. I feel very happy and all glory belongs to God.

What will you say you will miss about your daughter now that she has left you to her husband’s house?

We would definitely miss her but we’re in a small world, we can connect on phone and she can visit and we can visit her family also.

How much of Olusola will you say you know and since when?

Olusola is a responsible young man, has the fear of God and has good behaviour.

What is your expectation from this marriage? 

My expectation is that God will take care of them, He will take perfect control of the marriage and all will be well with them. We have surrendered them to God and He will take charge. The marriage will be fruitful, peaceful and will be blessed with many children.

What is your advice to the couple?

My advice for them is to devote their life to Christ, sleep together, eat together and pray together. They should develop a spirit of forgiveness and tolerance.

What is your prayer for the couple?

My prayer is that the Lord of Hosts that established marriage will be with them, support and encourage them. They will be a blessing to many generations.


1-DSC_0612-001‘My joy is full’ -MRS. ANUOLUWAPO OLAWEPO (groom’s mother)

How do you feel seeing your son getting married?

I am very happy and my joy is full. I thank God that my husband and I witnessed this joyous occasion.

I want to thank the parents of the bride. They really stood by us. They did not in any way inconvenience us. Only God can repay them for all they did for us.

I am very happy that she is a good Christian, if not, the former deputy governor won’t allow her daughter to marry my son. She accepted me for who I am and did not in any way make me feel inferior to her. She drew closer to me despite her position. God will continue to bless and prosper her.

Since when would you say you’ve known Esther?

Since her childhood. When she and my son were friends I used to refer to her, jokingly that she was my son’s wife. I never knew it would come to pass. God made it a reality.

What are your expectations from this marriage?

Joy, prosperity and children. That is my wish for them. I have known their beginning, I will not know their end. The bride’s mother will continue to prosper.

What is your advice to the couple?

They should understand themselves. I told my son even before marriage that it is patience and tolerance that sustain a marriage. He must be very patient with her. I told him that if his father was not patient, I would probably not be his wife up till this moment.


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