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 -How it became popular among youths

Arguably, 70 percent of Nigerian youths are committed patrons of football betting. The rise of this new found money spinner has become so widespread that the media now publish their jingles and adverts on how to become a millionaire in one day.

Football betting agencies such as Naira Bet, 1960 Bet, Bet9ja, Sure Bet 24/7, Merrybet, Bet Colony, Winners Golden Bet, are said to be advanced form of soccer pools which our fathers staked back then, only that these new betting agencies added new ideas, concepts and technology. Now we can be millionaires from our home by betting online.

Football betting is now eating deep into the society today as it has promoted laziness among youths, blurred dreams, the quick money initiative, negligence, unwillingness to work and dormancy, thus, degrading education and apprenticeship to the minimum value.

Statistics show that out of every 10 persons, there are seven devoted to football betting. According to findings, areas in Lagos where you find the gurus who are neck deep in betting are Bariga, Mushin, Surulere, Ajegunle, Shogunle, Oshodi, Cele, Mile 12, Agege, Ketu, Berger, Ladi-Lak and many more. Youths and the working class have made it a means of livelihood and a medium for making fast money.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with some of the beneficiaries of the game and one of the operators in one of their branches at Ogba, Lagos, on Saturday, February 6, 2016.

Eniola is the branch manager of Beta Bet football betting centre, Ogba, Lagos. He gave us graphic details of how the game can be played and won. He also gave us reasons they are mostly played by youths and much more.


What makes football betting the hottest game now among youths?

Football betting is the hottest among youths because football is the most watched sport in the world, that makes people come together, chat and have fun.

Why do people play the game?

Some people play it for fun, some play it for a target maybe if they win huge amount of money they can use it to better their future, while some play because they are addicted to it.

What does it cost to hit it big in the game?

It costs nothing to hit it big. This is a game of luck. Some people play with N50,000 without winning anything while some play with N100 and win millions.

How do you get money to pay when you have too many winners?

The company pays from the money they make when there is no winning and most companies have other business interests to support and some partner banks for support.

From your centre, how much has been the highest amount that has been won?

The highest paid winning in my office was N4 million.


Some beneficiaries gave reasons why they indulge in football betting and how often they play and how much they spend on the game.



Why do you play football betting?

I play betting so that I can win. I work but I like to have extra money with me. Nobody has ever had too much money and I need money for many things.

Do you win often?

Yes, but not always. I can win once or twice a month. Winning is by luck, it is not guaranteed. But if you are careful, you can win small money very often.

How much do you spend on the game?

I spend N200 or N100 or more on ticket. I don’t bet too heavily but I have friends who stake N500 to N1,000 on tickets.



Why do you play football betting?

The reason I like betting is because it is a fast way of making money. It is like making money from what you are passionate about. It tests ones knowledge of football and you make money from what you know.

Do you win, and how often?

Yes, but not all the time. I am only in control of the combination matches. I stake on it but I cannot control the outcome of the matches.

How much do you spend on the game?

The amount is dependent on how much I place on my bet. If I put N200, I can win N3,000 or more depending on how I play.



Why do you play football betting?

I play betting when I am broke or really need money. I have a job and if I do not want to spend my salary, I play the game and use the money for what I need.

Do you win, and how often?

I don’t like taking risk with my game so, I win small money almost every weekend. This week, I can stake N200 on different tickets and different combinations and I will win N1,800 or N3,000. Some of my friends will want to win big money. They sake N500 or N1,000 and want to win N72,000 at once.



Why do you play football betting?

I like betting because I can get quick money without much stress.

Do you win, and how often?

I like hitting it big but you cannot win every time. I have lost a lot of money in football betting. I keep playing because I win sometimes like during the World Cup, I won big money.

How much do you spend on the game?

I stake N500 and I can win N7,000 at once. Who doesn’t want money?



Why do you play football betting?

I indulge in betting and I don’t see anything wrong in it. The one I like is instant money. It is called Ritual Success. That one is sharp sharp. If you win, you will get your money within 30 minutes.

Do you win, and how often?

I usually play safe and calculate very well. First, I will look at the form of the two teams before I play. Sometimes I put my money on the team in poor form. If the team wins, I will get a lot of money because of the high points.



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