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Inside the world  of Nigerian  models – Only an international deal will be worthwhile

…’The pay here is pittance’

Contrary to the optimism expressed by people of goodwill over the fortunes of Agege bread hawker turned model, 27 year-old mother of two daughters, Olajumoke Orisaguna, modelling is not a lucrative endeavour in Nigeria.

Apart from paying very little, jobs are few and far between – and only the very rugged who are willing to do anything to succeed use it as a platform for a better future.

Insiders in the modelling world confirm that only an international deal can change the life of Olajumoke Orisaguna!

With a contract with an international modelling agency, she can engage in her vocation in the fashion capitals of the world and make a success of her life.

“There (Paris, London, Rome, and even Johannesburg), the pay is better and good models are constantly busy”, a source in the business told ENCOMIUM Weekly.

“Apart from fashion shows which are frequent, there are commercials by companies regularly. Once you are lucky to be represented by a good agent you will survive and succeed.

“But the profession is time-bound. It is for the young and painfully thin. It is not something you do for many years.”

Models in Nigeria are usually young students who just want to be busy, sometimes hopeful that they can get an international contract.

“But most of them are just looking for small money to make ends meet,” another insiders told us. “The pay is so little, sometimes N5,000 for shows. You will be lucky to get N50,000 for a show.

“Only those who shoot commercials get more money.

“Most models also do ushering jobs at events. And they are paid from N3,000 to N50,000, depending on the event and those behind it.”

A veteran told us, “Modelling is used as a stepping stone. You use it to position yourself, network and do other things”.

Those who are uncharitable label models ‘runs’ girls who hide under the profession.

“They sleep around and get money from men. And they also do many things in-between, from drugs to being video vixens who throw themselves as musicians!”

To maintain their slim physique, many of them are on substances, and they hardly eat. The toll on their body is huge.

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