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Instagram ‘marriage counsellors’ want Tonto Dikeh and husband to reconcile

Nigerians on instagram are united about the troubled marriage of actress Tonto Dikeh and her husband, Churchill Olakunle, advising the couple to reconcile.

Many of those who followed the cracks in the union want the estranged lovers to “swallow their pride” and get back together for the sake of their son, King Andre, who is one today  (Friday, February 17)…
  • asylum_plusThis is the outcome of flaunting your marital affairs in public…@tontolet go back to your husband cos marriage is for better or for worse, but this time be very cautious!
  • faithaustin09Marriage is for better for worst ooooo
  • dollarchampagne_jnrHow do you go and Beat up your Mother In-law, knowing how much Mums mean to their Sons.. Poko didn’t try in that aspect but I believe she acted UI.. Big Ups Church for the calmness, you’re actually more matured than I thought..
  • civic_jane123Let the husband go and get the wife back, whether she’s at fault or not. He’s the man he should clear the air and make things right,@bigchurchhave pls just go get ur wife and let peace rain. Don’t let all those girls out there deceive you, pls ur wife is still better than all of them. Keep ur pride aside and go get ur family for the sake of ur son pls sir and remain blessed
  • civic_jane123@bigchurchhavenpls sir keep ur pride aside and go get ur family back… whether she’s at fault or not pls. Just let it be and get ur woman and ur first fruit back pls sir and remain blessed sir
  • oluwatomilolaaaY’all will get tired soon… I hope we don’t have social media broadcast another celebrity marriage failure… Cos Tonto’s own made everyone forget Lillian’s
  • katalystThey are quick to delete pics off social media and change name like it never happened . So why get married in the first place ? BS!
  • jumokebrightPls lets talk abt important things,they will sort themselves out
  • susansmilezIt is well
  • timzytim5I didn’t want to contribute…. but who wants to split should split am tired of seeing this people trend for stupid reasons
  • ebonyplumpBe careful how u handle this on social media,and you are advising him on social media.
  • zainabujMay God fix their home
  • cynthia_ishI just pray he’s telling the truth and above all it wasn’t about physical abuse. Then any other wrong is forgivable. But God forbid the story about gay is true 😪. I hope they reconcile and find happiness in their home again.@tontoletif what he did wrong is outside of these three you can even forgive him if he cheated with the actress or another woman so long he promises not to do it again) then please forgive him.@bigchurchhaven go get your family back. You are the head and you’ve got a great woman.
  • sandycandy1Just wsh dey settle there differences
  • ujukategoldI heard she pushed down her mother in law. Broke so many things in the house. Maybe tonto it’s at fault. They should make peace joor
  • xI dunno why everyone has a thing or two to say like you people knw them personally. Let them choose to do what they think is best for them without all this pressure u people are putting on them
  • doofan_The PA should have just said it in her interview that she wasnt his PA..She was talking about how she looks upto him as a mentor etc now,oga is saying she aint no PA….ok!
  • ogesnazzySince you guys has made ur private life public from the first time you must continue better come and tell the main cause of the issues
  • ayinskiskiO ga o.
  • entynas_eventsI hope they reconcile soon. I hate broken marriages.
  • ststarmykMarriages will be good if we stop posting marital misunderstanding online. If we post it online, many people with add garri and groundnut to it making it difficult for us to settle back when the need arises. I av been married for almost 11 years and me and my hubby we quarrel too but I ll not post my marital problems online. Celebrities should learn not to give people what to say e.g “removing of pictures when the going was good” For those of us fuelling there misunderstanding biko let them be. May God help us all.
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  • brilliantine_slayz91Can we just declare this week “The Tonto Dikeh’s Week”…I’m tired haba
  • omajullsDont understand people shaa.Is there no marriage without problems?why cant they just leave this two alone to sort out their differences.Let everybody face their life already.E don do jare
  • debineticsIf u don’t bring your issues to the public,the public won’t have a say in it!
  • korexkateebzThey will soon make-up!
  • rolling247SMH but why is something that happened between so called couple come on social media? Is social media part of our lives that people can’t keep their shit within? WTF!!!
  • estherogieCan this couple just make up and move on no for the sake of their son
  • deefabuloz@tontoletif u like read dis or not .. I intentionally tagged u… U better wisen up n settle ur private affairs.. N d both of u shud stop d social media bulshit cox honestly.. 99. 9% dnt give a fuck n u especially wud end up a laughing stock… Pls pls pls b d woman dat u used 2 b n keep a quiet life with ur 1 n only husband
  • lechinnieAunty tonto and uncle King Kong,the moment you realized that marriage doesn’t need a third party intervention the better for you both!the advisers and mockers are all the same!nobody REALLY wants to see you happy!you can still separate and co-parent in peace than get back to please people and live all your days regretting!marriage is not a do or die affair!
  • usatonija@civic_jane123marriage is not by force , if I were the man I will run for my life . He can get a better girl
  • justjeans_ngMy question is who and what do we believe now.
  • yettilaide2015@officiajenny@cindychuba@jaccuss..thank you so much for your prayers, May GOD Almighty bless you and your family
  • moroyinCan someone pls deny doz two access to the Internet…😏
  • blaqbeeuutee@yettilaide2015madam, what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. I did not curse so stop all the spiritual ish. It is only common senscial you contact him privately and share your thoughts. Social media is one of the major reasons marriages break up.. Whatever the case maybe bringing back their marital lives on here is all shades wrong… Take care
  • h3rroyaldopenezThey better learn from Tiwa and Tbillz and keep kwayet
  • mrdinduWe don’t even care
  • queen__flawlyssJust take all ur laundry back inside and wash and keep inside! No need for these nonsense.
  • mina_islikerWhen social media is controlling the world what do you expect 😀😀😀, I always say the WORD privacy does not exist in today’s world again….
  • temietop_Tonlet is lying about the whole story
  • okugbaMa your advice is soooo on point, you pple should put you enemies and those who do not want your sons happiness to shame. All d good things you shared should count.
  • beighdiva50Must everything be on social media 😒😒😒I just tire
  • 3sha_diamondWise woman. Humane advice. Let them be.
  • ndokipikin_123Who sponsored the coverup? Why was it sponsored and for what purpose? If you like no go fix your home, be bystanders replying and making comments on social media…. issshhh!!!


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