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Irish happier than the Welsh

A new government study says that Northern Ireland people are happier, while the Welsh are the most miserable in UK.

According to British Prime Minister, Mr. David Cameron’s happiness index, families in Fermanagn and Omagh have rate themselves as the happiest people, while people in Dundee, Lincolnshire and Glasgow are the most gloomy.

The measure of the personal wellbeing of the nation, revealed that people are getting happier. The discovery also shows that the space between those that are satisfied with wellbeing and those that are not has grown over the years.

It was said that the ‘growing inequality’ between the happy and the unhappy people could only be addressed by the government.

Happiest places to live in the country are all outside England according to the study, while Orkney Islands and Scotland’s Outer Hebrides are the happiest places to live in mainland Britain.

From 2011 2012, the study shows that ‘small but significant improvements’ in average individual wellbeing ratings across the UK.

The rating of people’s happiness is at 9 or 10 out of 10 has grown from 31.8 percent in 2011-2012 to 34.1 percent in 2014-2015.

According to Glenn Everett, the ONS Director of Well-Being, “People are only saying good about country in terms of economy. But the figures addressed how the people are feeling about their lives. Overall,  people are rating themselves than they did in last four years. The good thing is that there is a slight growth in inequality between those rating their lives and those that are low in personal wellbeing”.


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