Is Abubakar Shekau, the Boko Haram leader, really dead?


Nigerians react to reports that the dreaded leader of the notorious sect has been gunned down

Since news broke that the leader of the notorious Boko Haram sect, Abubakar Shekau, was gunned down in combat on Sunday, September 21, Nigerians have continued to react to the news.

Many have commented on the development, expressing joy and commending the Nigerian troops, while others expressed doubt over the authenticity of the claim made by the Defence Headquarters (DHQ).

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with a few persons and these were their responses…


Bravo to our military men. I can see their morale is quite high. Hope they will be able to subdue these blood-thirsty demons and their band of apologists. What worries me is why are we not doing anything about the so-called sponsors named by the negotiator.

They should be investigated.


If we are to believe this report, then I think it is high time we started giving our military full support.

They need our support to motivate them more. Despite limited resources, they are achieving results. Kudos to them.


I don’t believe the reports are true. Is it the same military that were allegedly running from the attackers some weeks ago? If it is true, kudos to them. Going by their antecedents, I don’t think so.


I pray God continues to bless our soldiers, strengthen them and give them all it takes to dislodge the insurgents. No peace for Boko Haram and their sponsors.


May all our enemies internal and external  be disgraced and defeated, just like Boko Haram is being defeated by our brave soldiers in the north. All we have to do now is continue to apply pressure on these militants. Let us not relent.


We have suffered for far too long in the hands of these blood sucking militants. I pray the terrorists continue to drop like flies. The world will be a happier and better place when it is de-populated of evil doers and indiscriminate mass murderers.


This is not the first time they have claimed to kill Shekau. So, let’s just calm down and not celebrate yet until we don’t see any video released from the sect with Shekau that is supposed to be dead. At least, this news shows that our security forces are working.


This is a welcome development. Finally, some good news on the Boko Haram front. But I find this recent turn of events suspicious. 2015 elections are around the corner, and suddenly everything seems to be working. This is good, if it is true, anyway.


This news shows that when we put our hands together, there’s no problem we cannot suppress or overcome. God has finally heard the cries and prayers of the people. This is a victory for Nigerians and for lovers of peace.

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