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Is it difficult to detect telltale signs of suicide?

Is it really difficult to know if someone close to you is contemplating suicide? Not really! Because suicide is usually preceded by acute depression that is noticeable by sensitive people close to the victims. There are a few changes in the lives of likely victims of suicide that you should never ignore.

*Victims’ personae change. They become withdrawn and unsociable. Stop engaging in pleasurable pursuits.

*They don’t pay attention to their hygiene and grooming.

*They become thinner or fatter, starving themselves or overeating.

*They whine most of the time, complaining of unfairness and challenges.

*Their schedule changes dramatically.

*They underperform at work as their minds constantly drift. Or they throw themselves at their duties to the exclusion of many things. But their productivity is low.

*They lose interest in sex.

*They may have just experienced a major disappointment at work. Or are heartbroken.

*They may be bereaved and not coping well.

*They may have just lost a lot of money. Or failing at coping with financial challenges.

*They may have mentioned the possibility of suicide to you. Don’t think it is a joke.

*They spend time planning the suicide. Looking at alternatives.
Suicide is usually painstakingly planned with telltale signs.



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