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Is it too early for 2019 politicking?

As the 2019 general election is scheduled to kick-start in less than 500 days, there have been speculations from different angles that it is too early to start talking about it, owing to the fact that most people occupying positions are yet to fulfill their unending promises. Meanwhile, sampled opinions of few Nigerians to find out if it’s too early to start discussions on the election. While many welcome the move for starting the debate, others says it is too early as it is in contravention of the Electoral Act.

Below are responses from Nigerians:


Adekoya Yetunde

Yes, it’s too early because we are yet to feel the impact of the present government. I mean that’s crazy, they haven’t completed a race, they are planning how to run in another lane. I am not a party to that.


Thompson Eno

No. It’s not too early to start talking about 2019 elections because it is in less than 2 years. I believe even if the present administration failed Nigeria, we should be anticipating that the next administration will be different. This is because, a journey of a thousand miles begins with just a step. Starting now to plan ahead is the best way, there won’t be any issues.


Yinka Dickson

I believe it is too early because they are other things to be talking about that should be done, other than an election that you will vote and you won’t gain anything. They should just mellow down because it’s coming too early.


Femi Akintola

We are not even in 2018, they are already talking about 2019 election. Those talking about it are the selfish ones who have their own selfish interest and agenda to carry out.


Grace Ameh

Personally, it’s not too early. At least it would help INEC and all those concerned to be well prepared instead of under prepared. Talking about the elections in 2017 will help a lot, it’s not a bad idea at all.


Mrs. Adeyemi

I think it’s not too early because once they are certain plans on something, it will help them put more efforts to achieve a certain goal. So I believe planning ahead for the 2019 general elections now is the best thing to do, so we would know those to flush out and not vote for them because we have been misled with the present government.


Ruth Okojie

It is very wrong to start planning ahead of the 2019 general elections. The present government has not achieved anything yet, so while the rush? I think they should get other things done than planning for elections that will take place in the next two years to come.


Bode Williams

I applaud INEC officials for coming up with the timetable. It would help for a free and fair general elections. There won’t be any rush hour because they started planning on time.


Mr. Wale Araba

It’s not too early but the present administration should fast track all their promises to come to pass. We really need to feel the dividends why we voted them to power before electing others to continue from where they stop.


Chinyere Obiakpor

The 2019 election is in less than 2 years from now, I believe its not too early but we are still yet to feel the impact of the present administration in the country. More still need to be done before we start planning  for the upcoming general elections.


– Chika Okorie


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