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Is Nigeria fantastically corrupt? Many compatriots agree with Cameron

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Many Nigerians have been busy venting over recent comnments by the British Prime Minister, David Cameron to the Queen about Nigeria that the most populous black country in the world was ‘fantastically corrupt’.

Cameron was speaking in a group alongside the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, the Leader of the Commons Chris Grayling and the Commons Speaker, John Bercow

Some compatriots have however agreed with Cameron, insisting that Nigeria was hopelessly corrupt.

Here’s what was Cameron said:

John Bercow: The great axis of the Prime Minister and the Leader of the House [Chris Grayling].

David Cameron: Well I don’t know about that. We’re on the same side most of the time.

We’ve had a very successful cabinet meeting this morning to talk about our anti-corruption summit, we’ve got the Nigerians… actually we’ve got the leaders of some fantastically corrupt countries coming to Britain. Nigeria and Afghanistan, possibly the two most corrupt countries in the world.

Justin Welby: But this particular president is actually not corrupt.

Queen: Is that right?

Welby: Oh yes, he’s trying very hard this one.

Bercow: They are coming at their own expense, one assumes?

Cameron: I… Yes… Because it’s an anti-corruption summit, everything has to be open. So there are no sort of closed door sessions, it’s all in front of the press. It could be quite, umm, interesting. But there we go

Read what Nigerians in support of Cameron said…

So ya ranting cos David Cameron said Nigeria is Corrupt? Yeah he’s not lying Just facts.

— Orator(RIP@Bigseyi (@ololademe) May 10, 2016

-DanielFayemi for

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