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Is recession receding, Lagosians bare their minds

Some people are of the opinion that recession is receding, while some conclude it is getting worse by the day. We sampled opinions of Nigerians to find out if truly we are having a relief.

Here is what they have to say:


Shola Lawal

Maybe in the house of the person that said it. How can you say recession is receding when a family cannot afford to buy a carton of noodles, when a family cannot make a pot of soup in two weeks? Those that said recession is receding, on what parameters? If it is truly receding, there wouldn’t be vacant houses all around, people wouldn’t be trekking because they cannot afford to pay transport fare. Despite the CBN’s effort, dollar is still high, we are not feeling the impact of the slight reduction in dollar price.


Risi Suleman

No, things are still expensive.  I wanted to make food this morning and take to work when I noticed that there was no kerosene. I just dropped everything.  I wouldn’t eat till night again.  If recession is indeed receding, I would be able to afford to eat out even if it is just once. If I try it, I would trek back home.


John Ojo

Receding for where, nothing has really changed.  Purchasing power is still low. Look at how people are jumping into the lagoon, is it not depression that caused it? I got a call that my sister was arrested yesterday, she borrowed N18,000 to stock her shop, she couldn’t pay back because they have used the money she made to eat. How much is N18,000, my sister. As I am talking to you, I can’t single-handedly bail her out because I can’t afford that kind of money now. Is it not frustrating. Recession is not receding at all.


Felicia Abah

Recession is not receding, Nigerians are the ones adapting to it when they had no choice.  Those who have choices are the ones committing suicide.  Out of all the items the prices have increased, it is only palm oil price that has reduced.  Others are still very expensive. Things are in no way better.


Seun Temitope

Where? Please tell me. It is getting worse. No money, no food.  Prices of food stuffs are skyrocketing daily.  Take garri; for instance. From N300 , it is now N1000. Will you call that receding?  A lot of people are suffering, frustration is everywhere. A lot of people are lean now because they have reduced the quantity and frequency of times they eat.


Ifeoma Obina

That is a big lie. I can’t afford to buy a carton of noodles for my children, even the N200 worth I used to buy is not the brand I would love to buy but I have no choice. It has gone so bad that I have to share one egg for two children, can you imagine? I can’t afford to eat twice a day because there is no money. The little I have I keep because of my children. Whosoever says recession is receding shouldn’t say it out or they would stone him or her.

That is how the Government would continue to deceive us because they manage to bring the dollar down by how much? What impact has that made in the lives of the common man who cannot afford to eat two times a day.  Nigerians are suffering. Some people have not eaten today and don’t have what to eat tonight either. Na only recede.


Biodun Thomas

I would like to know in what sense is it receding.  Can’t you see how things are now. I waited for almost an hour today at the bus stop because I couldn’t afford to take a bus at the price they are calling.  I had to trek some distance just to get a cheaper bus. There are days I wouldn’t eat till night because there is no money. I just have to use the little I have on me to buy something so my children can eat at night.


Paul Afiong

It is in no way receding.  People are struggling to survive. There are food I wouldn’t eat on a good day before that I am now eating because there is no money.  I have reduced the number of friends I have because I can’t cope with extra burdens.  I can’t even fuel my generator like before. We just stay in the dark and sleep early.  Nigeria is tough, men.




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