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Is smoking Indian hemp now commonplace?

Indian hemp is also known as weed, ganja, marijuana or igbo.  Its seeds were used for food and medicine, among other things. The drug, which has a scientific name, Cannabis sativa, has been used throughout history in many cultures to change mood, perception, consciousness and to get high. Its effects range from respiratory problems to brain disorder.

A few years back, its users are mostly street urchins, touts, thugs and the never-do-wells. But these days, the reverse is the case as those who enjoy Indian hemp are respectable persons. spoke with few people to find out who sells hemp, the places it is sold and who smokes it…


Vitalis Nnamdi

Indian hemp is the most dangerous thing to inhale. This is because it triggers severe mental disturbances. Formerly people, hide to smoke it but it is now done anywhere. Anybody can sell it as far as it is giving them money. They don’t even care the caliber of person coming to buy it.


Tunde Aliu

I have been smoking weed for a very long time now. I puff it mostly in my house. Though, my neighbours dislike the smell, I don’t care. I used to get it from a mallam that sells by the road side. Anybody can take it because I started with it when I was 18 years old and now I’m 26. I do not intend to quit because I have not seen any damage it has caused me.


Philips Enejo

I do very well in my work, I eat well and I’m a good father and husband. So marijuana can never affect my brain. I usually smoke it outside my house because my wife says the odour irritates her. I get them from a guy at the bus stop and with just N50 l am high. Anybody can take it as long as your head can carry it. It is fun.


Femi Adio

The use of the drug has started affecting my performance in what I do. There are times I vowed to stop it but I still find myself going back to it. I go to smoke it in the bush to avoid people noticing me. A man close to my house sells it to us. With N50 to N100 you can get a wrap.


Jeremiah Bamidele

I have friends that love hemp but I don’t inhale it. The smell alone disgusts me. It is a no go area for me because most mad people you see on the streets are the end products of Indian hemp. Formerly people go inside the bush to smoke it but nowadays, people can even stay in their rooms to smoke it. I think they get it for N50 per wrap from a popular lecturer I know of. I even know of a lady who distributes it to my friends. Anybody can sell it, as long as they are making their cool cash from it.


Wale Abayomi

We call it ‘wiwi’. In those days if we wants to smoke it, we enter inside the bush and we won’t come out at all. We smoke it then in one secret corner and cannot even tell anyone about it. But now smoking Indian hemp has become the order of the day among the boys and even girls. It is very cheap, with just N100 you can get it for a day. A man living very close to my house sells it to us. There is no specific age to start taking it. Inasmuch as you are okay with it, you are good to go.


Ola Markjoel

Smoking indian hemp (igbo) is bad for the society. When you see some youth smoking indian hemp, it may be due to frustration, parental negligence in taking adequate care and good future plans for the children, and going with bad friends are some of the factors that cause a teenager smoking weed. Anybody sells it, anyone can take, anytime any day.


Emenike Odoh

I enjoy weed a lot. I use it to cook some of my food because it is actually medicinal. It is very cheap that with at least N50/N100 you can get enough for a day. We buy it from a man selling by the roadside. I smoke mine in a hideout to avoid offending anybody. I believe if you are good to go, you can try it, no age limits.


Samuel Akinola

Indian hemp is known as ‘igbo’ in this area. It can be sold anywhere as far as the seller identifies himself. I believe they are no specific people taking it, it’s just if it appeals to you, one can go get it. It is sold for less than N100.



Indian hemp do not have a specific place where they sell or smoke it. Formerly it was done in the dark but now both the high, mighty and even officials of NDLEA are into the business. I don’t really know the fixed cost but it should not be more or less than N50.


– Chika Okorie for




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