‘It feels good to be Harpic ambassador’ -HELEN PAUL

Petite comedienne, Helen Paul is sure reaping reward, of hard work. The mother of two children who just became Harpic Ambassador is happy to be associated with the brand. ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with her about her new assignment…


Congratulations on your Harpic deal?

Thank you very much.

How does it feel?

It feels good. We thank God. It is a job I have to do, I am glad to be an ambassador for Harpic. I pray that God will help me to do the job well so that people can understand what the brand is all about. We all know that Harpic is a toilet stain remover, it now has fragrance that gives you pleasant feel. I feel good about it.

How long will it last?

I don’t really know for now. The contract is still on and we are working. I have a management that could answer that.

What gave you an edge over others in clinching this deal?

I don’t know. I cannot tell the yard stick they used. I am an actor, I was doing my job before I was called for this. They contacted my management. They too have their agency, it was their agency that called my management and I was informed about it. I thank God for that privilege. I am grateful for it.

How much is it worth?

I don’t really know. I cannot say it is worth this or that but it is a welcome development. It is a good brand making life comfortable for end users. It is my management that can talk about that.

What other freebies come with it?

I am enjoying a lot from them, it is just like asking you what freebies come with your job. We have just celebrate Eid il fitri, I have gotten a lovely gift from them.

How does it feel, Helen Paul has been able to build her brand to an enviable height, what has been the secret?

I don’t see the industry as a competition. Everyone is growing. I thank God, I am still working. I am grateful I have the strength to do what is expected of me. I thank God for the numerous opportunities He has brought my way. It is not my own making but the grace of God. I am grateful for it.

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