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‘It feels good to be the next new MTV Base VJ’ – K’Ola

After a nail-biting two month nationwide search, 23 year old Olayinka Oladiran from Oyo State was finally revealed as the winner of the 2016 MTV Base VJ Search – Nigeria on MTV Base (DStv channel 322) on Friday, September 23, 2016.

Four finalists from all over the country slugged it out for the top slot during the televised grand finale in front of Viacom executives, Alex Okosi and Katung Aduwak, as well as famous faces from the entertainment industry.

Olayinka Oladiran beat fellow finalistsTomiwa Olorunfemi (23), Tochukwu Onwubiko (21) and 19 year-old twins, Grace and Glory Danbaki after competing with thousands of hopefuls in Lagos, Enugu and Abuja plus online and social media applicants.  While all the competitors brought their “A-Games” to the finale, K’Ola outstripped the competition thanks to her bubbly personality, relaxed stage presence, and the ability to relate to the audience.

The other finalists also went home with contracts and would be representing MTV Base as VJs on new shows coming to the channel.

Olayinka Oladiran would now join Ehiz Okoeguale, popularly known as “Dadaboy Ehiz” on MTV Base’s in-house talent roster, where she will start off presenting ‘Word on the Street” and “Newsish” on MTV Base.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with her…


How does it feel emerging as the new MTV Base VJ?

It feels amazing emerging as the new MTV Base VJ. For all those who prayed for me, all my friends, my family members, this victory is for all of us.

Were you really expecting it?

I wasn’t expecting. I heard about it from my friend and I promised to apply for it. I went on procrastinating and my friend insisted that I should put in for it which I eventually did. We both sat on the bed and she made sure I applied for it.

I went for the Lagos auditioning and I saw about 2000 people who came. When I saw the crowd, I wanted to go back because I thought nobody would notice me among 2000 people but God has a way and He has a plan. I thank God that I listened to my friend.

Can you describe the whole experience?

It was mad. When I came, some people thought I have accent and all that but this is Nigeria, there are people who wouldn’t understand you as you speak your accent. I thank God for my mom, when we were in America, she used to speak Yoruba to us, I think that made me stand out. They know I can still relate with people in their culture despite my accent. I think all the challenges were stepping stones to where I am today. I thank God for my family and friends who kept telling me to stay on my lane and remain focused.

 What were you doing before coming for the auditioning?

I was in the US working. I was working for ESPN, a sport channels.  I was doing a lot of behind the scene for them. I am not just a presenter, I know directing, editing and producing as well. I was opportuned to do some presenting for some big networks in the US.

But, there is no place like home, this is where I want to be. I quit my job over there to come to Nigeria. When my mom heard she asked kim se e (What is really wrong with you), I had to explain to her that it was Nigeria I wanted to be. She had to consent and she said okay, I should go ahead.

How supportive is your dad?

He is also very supportive. I come from a big family  and our parents are not particular about you studying this or that. Once you are sure of what you want to do,  they would give you their support.

Tell us a bit about your background?

My name is Olayinka Oladiran also known as K’ola. I am from Oyo state, I was born in Abeokuta, my mom is from Ishagamu and my Dad is from Ibadan.

I studied Mass Communication in the US. I left Nigeria when I was young, ever since I finished schooling, I know being a presenter was what I wanted to do. My mom always encouraged me. She made sure I went to a university where my passion would be the focus. They gave me training, and I got a job over there. At some point, I decided to come over to Nigeria. Now, I am the new MTV Base VJ.

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