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‘It feels like yesterday’ – SHEBABY on 15 years as an actress

Fair skinned screen diva, Seyi Ariyo, popularly known as She Baby is happy to have gone this far as an actress. She is set to roll out the drums in celebration of 15 years as an actress. ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with her about the journey so far…


How does it feel clocking 15 years in acting?

I feels so good to be doing well in my field. I started the journey over 15 years ago but professionally, I started 15 years ago. I can say it has been God. I am grateful to Him. It really feels like yesterday. I am grateful to God and everyone that I have been privileged to work with.

How will you describe the journey so far?

It’s been full of pleasant surprises, and like everything in life, it comes with its up and down moments.

What will you say has been the highlight of your career in 15 years?

I really thank God for giving me this privilege. It has been smooth all along. A lot of ups and downs and so many challenges. So many people that we started together, some are no more today. God has kept me. The high point has been the success of the movies I produced. I have contributed to so many lives through my movies and music. I have produced 11 movies and I have impacted so many lives.

What has been the greatest challenge you have encountered in 15 years?

Artistes are faced with so many challenges ranging from marketers to pirates. Launching my career wasn’t that difficult because I have good people around me. Never the less, I still face the problems of production, funds, disappointments and negative press.

Would you say you are fulfilled?

Yes, I can say that .God has been good to me. It has really been a worthwhile journey but there are still many grounds to conquer.

If not acting, what would you have been doing?

she-baby4I read Geography and Regional Planning. I would have done my Masters in Geology. Maybe a town planner or a geologist.

Do you think acting is still worth the while at the moment?

Acting is a business of projection. As much as there are issues to address, it’s still worth it. Though, I still have a long way to go. A lot of things yet to be discovered like my Itara Ife, a pantomime. I still believe I can still do a one-vast movie which will also be interesting. I don’t underestimate the power of hard work.

What do you think is the greatest challenge the industry is facing?

Piracy. We are working but not earning as much as we should. We seek the Federal Government’s intervention.

People don’t really understand if you are truly married?

Why won’t they understand? I live with my family except I’m out of the country.

Aside acting, what else puts food on your table?

I am a fashion designer, I have a fashion house that I am just bringing to the limelight. I do clothes for both male and female celebrities. Alhaji Wasiu Alabi Pasuma, Alhaji Shefiu Alao, Solek,Toyin Bankole, Dupe BNS and Tayo Sindodo. I do some soundtracks as well. My music is also always there. I do event management as well.

How have you been able to combine acting with your music career?

For some time now, I have stopped the kind of song I used to do because I gave my life to Christ. So I concentrate more on movies for now. My latest is Emi Ilu Eko (Spirit of Lagos). By God’s grace, I am doing my best on both fronts.

How rewarding is music for you?

Very rewarding too.

People alleged that there is poverty in the industry, is it true?

It is as a result of piracy. Imagine working with a million naira and selling for N700,000, that amounts to total loss. It shouldn’t be. Poverty or riches are also perceptions. One attracts what he or she thinks and believes.

Who are your friends in the industry?

I have a lot of friends in the industry. Iyabo Ojo, Bayo Alawiye, Tayo Odueke, Lola Margret, Oyita, Sam Adebayo and a host of others.

I have good rapport with everyone that comes my way. I try to have amiable relationship with everyone.


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