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‘It is a very interesting responsibility to govern a state like Lagos’ -Deputy Governor of Lagos State, ADEJOKE ORELOPE-ADEFULIRE


How would you describe the experience?

I give glory to God for the opportunity and the grace given to me to be part of the team of Lagos State. Over the years, especially in the last four years that I was elected to work with the governor of Lagos State, it was a very interesting responsibility to govern a state like Lagos. We all know Lagos is very unique, different and important to the country and indeed West Africa. Also, being a state known for excellence, a home for great minds and very intelligent people, it has given us the opportunity to work round the clock to be able to discharge our responsibilities. The promises we made to the electorate while we were campaigning which made them elect us and to the glory of God we tried our best to meet up with all the promises we made. We may not finish all but there has not been anything that we promised that we have not fulfilled. It is not by our power or our might but by the grace of God and with the support of the nation and the people of Lagos State. I thank everyone that has supported us.

How would you define governance?

To me, governance is a social contract of the government and the governed. So, you must have the coorperation of the people that you govern so that the job becomes easy for you. It has been a very wonderful and interesting experience working with the people of Lagos State. I thank my leaders in the party as well as everyone that has given us advice in one way or another. If there was anything that we could not do for you, please do not be offended because we did not ignore your needs but time did not permit us. I believe that the new governor will take up the mantle of leadership. He is a very responsible man, a reliable leader who has worked for 27 years in Lagos state, so he is one of us and it is all about continuity in Lagos. I am sure that he will deliver all his promises during his gubernatorial campaign.

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