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‘It is difficult to find an ideal man now’- Ladies lament

The hunt seems to be tougher for girls. People say there are more single women than men out there, perhaps it is too bad the cat can’t find her smart, funny and handsome man in this present day. ENCOMIUM Weekly confirmed this by chatting with some ladies who spoke about how difficult it is to find an ideal man today.



Yes, it is very difficult, even a boyfriend material is hard to find right now. All the guys out there want to test the waters and go away and the stupid boy will make the girl believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel.



It is extra difficult to find a good guy out there that you can call your own. Let me use myself as an example, I have a boyfriend but his character is nothing to write home about. And anytime I go to see him, there is nothing a wife does for her husband that I don’t do for him but still he will never appreciate it. There is nothing I can do than to manage him.



There is no ideal man at all. The truth is ladies that are getting married right now are doing it because they are tired of being single or want to stay away from parents pressure.



There is no ideal man at all. I have a list of guys and there is none of them worthy to be called a boyfriend not to talk of a fiancé and I am not getting any younger. I’m in my late 30s and my parents are on my neck to get married but the truth is I can’t jump into marriage and then jump out of it. So, any girl who says she has found her Mr. Right in this present day is lying.



Yes, it is very difficult, because no matter how hard you try to be a wife material, the guy will definitely be seeing another woman, and most guys will say it’s a man’s world where they can do and undo.



Yes, it is very difficult to find an ideal man to call your own right now, because most guys are thinking of how to make it big and they are not ready for commitment, especially now that being a baby mama and baby father is no crime. So, getting a man with the ‘I am pregnant stunt’ is not even working anymore.



Yes, it is very difficult to get an ideal man right now. I am in my late 20’s and as much as I want to get married, the kind of men coming my way are boys that cannot even take care of themselves, that I have to start advising them to go and build their future, and when they are done building they should come back.



Yes, it is difficult finding a Mr. Right right now, because it is difficult for a man to be serious with woman due to the numbers of women out there that are ready to date any man with any condition attached to it. Like one of my friends will tell me that he prefers to keep prostitutes than one girl that calls herself a girlfriend.



Yes, it is difficult to find an ideal man right now, because we ladies have spoilt everything some women even go as far as paying for their own wedding. Why won’t guys not shakara us. Some ladies throw themselves at boys and offer anything they ask for and by the time they meet other girls they expect the same from them, and when you are not ready to offer what they want they move to the next girl.



It is very difficult to find an ideal man, a lot of men are pretenders. They only want to get into the pants of ladies and also because of the fear of responsibility, no man wants to marry. There is no real love out there right now. No man is ready for marital responsibilities.



It is very difficult right now to find an ideal man to call husband material, even the ones that are boyfriends are not real to themselves because all boys and men want right now is to sleep with women. Even the eligible bachelors are not ready to settle down. If you take a good look at it, majority of them don’t have things that they are doing. So, it is really a hard struggle for ladies now. In short, every single lady needs special prayer right now.



Yes, it is difficult to find an ideal man with the kind of deceit that is out there right now. You cannot trust any man. Even when you are sincere to the man he will still have enough faults to write him off. So, right now, all we can do is keep praying because the number of girls are more than the boys. So, boys are not concerned with keeping serious relationships.


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