‘It will be difficult for me to leave music’ – Seyi Sodimu, Love me Jeje crooner

Love me Jeje crooner, Seyi Sodimu is back in the music scene bigger, stronger and more enterprising. He left for the United States of America over 15 years ago. His song, Love me Jeje ruled the air waves. While abroad, he performed alongside Wyclef Jean, collaborated with reggae star, Wayne Wonder and a host of others.

He recently released the remix of Love me Jeje, which featured American R & B singer, K Michelle. Seyi Sodimu recently erected a multi million naira school on Agboju.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with him about his comeback, his sojourn abroad and his new building.


1-Seyi-SodimuYou left the scene incognito when the ovation was loudest, what happened?

As you grow older, your priorities change. When I did Love me Jeje the structure was not there. It wasn’t even profitable at that point. I was in the US when I released that song. I came home and released it here and went back. Till today, I still get royalties from that song.

You do music when you can give it your full attention. I cannot release a song every month like some artistes do. For me, music has to be ever green.

It wasn’t as if I planned to leave but it was just the nature of what I was doing at that time.

Why didn’t you follow up with another hit? You would have been up there if you did?

Yes, you are right. But look at artistes like Adele, she released a song and went away. She came back and her song was also a hit. When you reach a level of success, you have to be able to enjoy life. Asa does the same thing. The gap has been a little bit more because of the fact that I release songs abroad as well without bringing them home.

It’s been 15 years you left the country, where have you been?

I have been around. I moved to Nigeria about eight years ago. I went to the US in 1985. I was a kid then. It was really hard to detach and get up to come home.

Were you still doing music after leaving Nigeria?

I was doing music behind the scene. I funded some artistes in Nigeria here that you would not know about. I have been recording. I still record music, I have not left music.

Are you fully back now?

1-Seyi-Sodimu-3Yes I am. I am here 70 percent. In summer, I am usually not around. I usually travel to spend time with my children.

With your experience abroad, what do you think Nigeria musicians are not doing right?

Nigerian musicians need to understand that churning out almost 10 albums in one year is not the best. The thing is, these guys feel they are competing with each other in the sense that when this one drops an album, the other one wants to drop his own too. By doing that, they end up singing songs that are not worth the stress and that can’t stand the test of time.

Look at most of the ever green songs you know, the likes of Paul Play, Sunny Nneji, if they had rushed like that, they wouldn’t have done good songs. For me, it is better I take my time to do what I know will make people remember me for long.

Are you planning to leave music for something else?

You can’t leave music until music leaves you. I try to do what I know how to do best. In this life, it is very good to diversify. Celebrities abroad do businesses but they never left what they are known for. It is hard for me to leave music.

We learnt you built a multi-million naira school recently?

Yes, it is true. We just finished a very massive international school around Agboju, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos. My wife has been dreaming of having a school and God made it possible for us. We built it in that area because most big international schools are located in Lekki, Banana Island, Gbagada and the likes.

How much is it worth?

I don’t think I can say that on the pages of newspaper or magazine.


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