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‘’It’s difficult to create awareness in the music industry’  -Wado crooner, S.G

TALENTED music act, Selom Eruedoja, popularly known as S.G is one of the promising acts to look out for in the music industry.  His single, Wado, is currently ruling the airwaves in major television and radio stations.  He has just signed to Kevin Richman’s Bigtime Entertainment record label.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with him about his foray into singing and more.


What are you doing in the music industry?

Doing music is something I have been dreaming of right from childhood.  It is something I like. I used to watch Michael Jackson’s video while growing up, that influenced me musically. I listened to a lot of foreign artistes while growing up and I made up my mind to be greater than them.

How did you start music professionally?

I started music in 2010.  I was with another record label then. I met Mr. Kevin in 2015 and decided to work with his record label, Bigtime Entertainment.

How will you describe your experience in the music industry?

It has been good.  Life is full of ups and downs but we cannot complain, music requires a lot of hard work.  You have to be focused and determined to make it in the industry.  You must have direction as well.  I must say it has been good.  We are moving forward gradually.

What are the challenges you are facing in the industry?

I will say it is quite difficult to create awareness that you are here.  That is peculiar to every up and coming artiste.  As an up and coming act, you have to work extra hard to get there.  At times, I sleep in the studio just to make sure my song is ready.

How did you come about the name S.G?

S.G means Selom Gert.  It is my grandfather’s name.  He passed on in 2005.  I was very close to him.  He influenced me a lot musically.  He liked good music and he played a lot of foreign artiste’s songs.  Tony Bradson, Michael Bolton, a lot of them.  That was how I developed love for music.  I just decided to use his name as my stage name in other to honour him.

So, tell us about your single.

I have a single out there entitled, Wado.  Wado is a form of greeting of the Niger Delta, a form of acknowledgement. I decided to go back home.  I wanted it in the traditional way.

What genre of music do you play?

I am a rapper and a singer at the same time.  I call myself a rapper/singer.  I do dancehall, pop, highlife, I do different genres of music.

What is your unique selling point?

Every artiste is unique in his or her own way.  My swag is very different from every artiste out there.

Will you consider a collaboration soon?

Yes, I want to work with Ice Prince, 2Face and Young I.

Tell us about your background.

My real name is Selom Oke Eruedoja.  I was born in Lagos State.  My mom is from Ghana and my dad from Delta State.  I grew up with my mom. I attended Science Association School.  I studied Media Publication at the University of Buckingham, England.




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