‘It’s insane to say I am fighting for custody of a child less than a year old’, Tunde Debasco blows hot

-’Yinka and I are not legally married’

Popular socialite cum politician, Otunba Babatunde Onakoya, famously addressed as Debasco has shed light on the controversies trailing his threat to life petition he wrote against his estranged wife, Mrs. Olayinka Onakoya and two others  Bisi Lawal and Afolabi Oduwole. The top businessman also rubbished the assertion that he’s only out to blackmail the latter because of his quest to take possession of his eight month old baby. He spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly exclusively on these and few other issues when we met him in Lagos on Friday, January 15, 2016.


This is 2016, what’s happening at your end, businesswise?

Thank God my real estate business is going on fine. Also, I have a fish farm which is equally doing well. But my hotel is yet to take off. Before July 14, 2016, when I will be marking my birthday, my hotel business will actually kick off.

I thank God for sparing my life till date.

You’re also a known figure, especially in the politics of Ogun state. What’s also going on in that realm?

In politics of Ogun state, we thank God we have Senator Ibikunle Amosun as our governor. Among all the governors in Nigeria, I rate Governor Amosun as number one. He’s very hard working and nice. He relates with people very well.

What’s your plan about your political career?

I don’t have any plan on my own. I am a leader in the politics of Ogun state. I am also a national delegate. So, I wait until Governor Amosun gives me a directive. I don’t have any plan of my own. I can only follow Governor Amosun’s directive as my leader.

Buhari has spent about seven months as President but Nigerians are still lamenting, criticizing him and all that. What’s your candid assessment of his administration since May 29, 2015?

But we all know what was happening before Buhari took over. Thank God that he’s there today. If not Buhari, Nigeria would have collapsed.

Let’s talk about the key issue, we mean the threat to life against your estranged wife, Olayinka Onakoya and two others  Oduwole and Bisi Lawal which has been twisted to a blackmail because you want to take custody of your less than a year old baby from your wife. What’s your reaction on this?

Any right thinking person would know that the allegation that I want to take charge of a less than eight month old child is false. In my petition to the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG), Commissioner of Police and Area Commander, I never stated that I needed the custody of an under eight month baby. I have nothing to do with the baby. Am I to take the baby to the bank as collateral? Why should I be fighting over custody of an eight month old baby? I am not a nursing father. So, there was no way I could have done that. It’s a blatant lie. So, I don’t know where they came about the information.

But you had earlier taken them to court on a different matter which is yet to be resolved…

(Cuts in) Yes, I took them to court because Yinka and her gang duped me of over N60 million on goods and cash transfer and I have evidence to that. So, after giving Yinka writ of summon, that’s why she ganged up with them, trailing me up and down. Some people gave Yinka backing to attack me at Ijebu Ode Club about three times. Also, at Ijebu Ode Stadium roundabout. It’s only God that saved me.

And thank God that I have a backup car I used for campaign at my back. So, it’s God that has saved me from her evil plan. The matter has been transferred to Eleweren, Abeokuta. They have taken the statements of all my witnesses. At a time during the interrogation, I learnt Yinka confessed that Afolabi Oduwole, who is the state sales manager of 33 beer is her man friend. Then, Oduwole also said later that Yinka is just his friend after several denials.

Then, Bisi Lawal apologized. She said it’s a mistake. She agreed. Now, I wonder where the case is going. But I am ready to go to court with them.

But they have been pleading to you through their lawyers, so we learnt. Would you consider the apology?

I can’t say anything for now. My lawyers are going to advise me on what to do. May be, if they put a written undertaking on their own, I may consider them because one of them had said that I am a politician. And as a politician, I can be shot at any time. I was very surprised to hear that from a learned person.

The child they’re talking about, is he the only child between you and your estranged wife?

Yes, that’s the only child between us. And as a matter of fact, it’s just destiny that she had the baby for me. It’s just by accident that I had something to do with Yinka. She is not my type of babe. She is more or less a road side babe. She doesn’t even match the standard of my maids. I just wanted to uplift her standard. And now, see what she’s doing to pay me back. She connived with Afolabi Oduwole and Bisi Lawal which she said to her sister to kill me because I took them to court for duping me.

You said Yinka is not your type of babe, does that mean you’re not legally married?

Yes, we’re not officially married. Everything happened by accident. I didn’t even go to see her family or anybody. It’s just a matter of you picking a road side girl and in the process she has a baby for you. As far as I am concerned, Yinka is just like a roadside babe because I never applied for any marriage. As a matter of fact, nothing officially connected us together. So, I wonder why they’re saying I am fighting for the custody of an eight month old baby.  Was I childless before I met her? I have grown up children. Also, I have a wife at home. Yinka is never my kind of babe. Just like I said, everything between us happened by accident.


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