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‘It’s just great to be working with the team in Ghana’ – AMA K. ABREBESE, Co-host of Moment With Mo Pan African

How were you contacted for the Mo pan African TV talk show?

I received a call from the crew who were doing the casting for Ebony TV and they were looking for presenters who have actually presented for a couple of years and they asked for my work, which I sent to them and I obviously think they also did their research, and once they got my work, they contacted me and the rest is history.

What do you think gave you an edge over other presenters they might have contacted?

I really don’t know, but I guess it’s based on my experience over the years, and they obviously have seen my work. They know what I have done and I would just like to think that maybe it’s my professional side. I really don’t know what the criteria were, but I think that was it.

Have you met with Mo Abudu in person?

No, not yet, I haven’t.

How would you describe her personality?

Obviously, based on what I have seen on television, she seems like a very determined woman. Clearly, she is one of the people building a media empire and I think her career over the years speaks for itself. I think the first time I watched her on television was in the UK on Ben TV.  It’s great to see a strong women like her, doing what they do, so it’s great to be on her show.

What are your expectations from this new adventure as TV show host?

I’m just having fun. Literally, it’s just great to be working with the team in Ghana. With Bella and the producers, I am not really thinking that far. With me everything I do I have to be able to enjoy it and feel that it is enjoyable. The good thing I love about it is that it has a pan- African element. We have Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria and obviously we got Ghana as well.  So with me is just about connecting with other co-hosts and have always wanted to get a chance to travel to more African countries am hoping this will give me the opportunity to link up with other Pan African neighbours. Not just with the countries I have mentioned, because I think we need more things which cut across Africa, and I am glad we have a show like this, that will bridge the gap among Pan African countries.

Have you been  to Nigeria ?

Oh! Yes, I have.

How would you describe an average Nigerian?

I don’t know if I can describe an average Nigerian. I know all sorts of Nigerians (laughs) from the most academic person to the most boring person to the most exciting partying freak; you can’t put Nigerians in a box.  I think if you do, you will just be setting yourself up and literally I have some Nigerian friends growing up in the UK. I would say this. I have a Nigerian friend who said there is no country in the world you won’t see a Nigerian there, but if you don’t find one, that means there is no money in that country (laughs) I mean, you don’t put Nigerians in a box. Just like I know Ghanaians we have our own little stereotype of old things. The Ashantis are this; the Ewes are that, you have the same thing over there.

And I have so many Nigerian friends, I mean they are my family members as well through marriage and stuff. One thing, I would say I love about Nigerians is that I love their passion and how prowl they are. I have known some who lived in the UK for 60 years and they are still there. Their ascent never changes. They think their jollof rice is the best (laughs) but please, Ghanaian jollof o! You can call me on that ok!  I love my Nigerian friends, but when it comes to jollof you people know what time is it ok…

Who are your role models?

Emm! My role models, I literally can’t think right now, goodness, me they are so many, if I start talking, it could get boring, but anyone doing good is fine by me.

Is Ama married?


Who is your ideal man?

No such thing as ideal man. I think honestly, you just pray that whoever God pears you with, you both fulfill each other’s lives. Usually, he has to be tall, dark and all, no no, with the realities you just be sure.

Are you into any relationship?

I don’t discuss my private life. Literally, I just learnt that it’s called a private life for a reason. So, I don’t just go there at all.

Any chance for our Nigerian men reading the magazine right now?

Hey! “Omo naija” you know what, I’m much opened minded. Of course I always say love is love so yeah anything can happen. I mean, my favourite Nigerian food is moi moi (bean cake). I love it so much, started eating it in the UK. My mom’s friend used to make it, so anything is possible. (Laughs).


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