Iya Oge of Lagos, Chief Opral Benson set to celebrate 80

Chief (Mrs.) Opral Benson, Iya Oge of Lagos and the wife of the late flamboyant and colourful lawyer and politician, Chief TOS Benson, will be 80 (on February 7, 2015). This is authoritative and she is still looking as fit as a fiddle and glamorous as ever.

Her school, Opral Benson Beauty and Training School is at Yaba, Lagos. The school established when she was 50 will turn 30 this year.

She spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly about her birthday, beauty school and sundry issues.

At your age, you are still a strong woman, going about your duties. What is the secret?

I think the secret is I keep myself busy. I have been lucky and God has blessed me. I have good health. I look after myself and I don’t hold anything to excess. I just try to do whatever I have to do. I am just lucky. I do what a woman of my age can do in terms of partying, my own contribution to the society and doing my work which I enjoy.

If I don’t do them, what else will I do? I still go about my duties and enjoy doing them.

You are still looking beautiful at your age, what is the secret?

I still look beautiful? Thank you so much, my dear. I think I do what everyone else does, and I try to look after myself the best way I can. I’ve been lucky.

What has kept your school since inception?

The school is doing very well. We are 30 this year, and our students are putting their quota into the society, making people look good and also making themselves look good.

Are you fulfilled?

Yes, I’m fulfilled. We have put many entrepreneurs out there. I’m thankful and grateful to God. I’m also celebrating my birthday in few weeks.

What are some of the experiences you encountered in your 30 years in business?

I think in whatever you are doing, always make sure people are interested in it. Your staffers should be able to work with you, it will make the experience worthwhile. Then you should have good training for your students so that they will be good representatives of your company.

You do the right things you are supposed to do. And I think if you have friends and family that support you, you are on the right path. In a nutshell, my experiences were interesting.

Tell us some things women can do to remain ageless?

Keep on working hard. Don’t be lazy. Don’t sit around and don’t worry too much.




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