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Iyaloja General,  Folashade Ojo, traders speak about New Alade Market

The new Alade Market located 150 metres away from the old market on All Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, has finally taken shape and commercial activities have since kicked off. Following the demolition of the old market on Saturday, July 18, 2016, traders are already settling down for business and a beehive of activities have commenced.

The new Alade Market boasts of nice shops, tidy environment that supports thriving business interest, modern facilities including 350 KVA generator, 150 KVA generator, conveniences, 504 lock up shops and 200 key clamps, three boreholes, large car park which can take 350 cars.

Master Realty International Concepts Limited won the concession in 2011 to develop the new site. The decision to relocate from old Alade Market ended a 20 year conflict which undermined the proposal of redeveloping the old market to Alade Shopping Mall valued at N6.9 billion. ENCOMIUM Weekly visited the new site and spoke with traders and the Iyaloja-General of Lagos State about these development.


Folashade-Tinubu-Ojo‘The relocation will not affect business’-MRS. FOLASHADE TINUBU-OJO, Iyaloja-General,  Lagos State

Looking at this new Alade Market, the shops cannot take all the tenants of the old Alade Market, what do you think can be done?

The best thing they could have done is to negotiate with the original allotee who sublet the shops to them. As a tenant, you cannot become a landlord overnight, you have to discuss with your landlord. If that is not possible, as a trader, the association is here to protect its people. If the original allotee is not ready to sublet to you, you can easily approach the local government or even come to me. Some people have been calling me, some came to me that they were part of the people who had shops in the old Alade Market, they learnt that shops are being allocated to people and they haven’t gotten one yet. I told them I will work something out. They should all be rest assured that we will make provisions for everybody. Instead of them to do the right thing, some people resorted to the use of propaganda, damaging people’s reputation and image. Some said they were not carried along in the whole process.

Do you think relocating to this place will affect their business in any way?

Naturally, now in Nigeria, the economy is bad, we all are praying for it to improve. So, relocating from the old place to this place will not affect business and their profit. I believe they are even going to make more money here because parking is always an issue in the old place. Here, they have enough place to accommodate their buyers. If you go to old Alade Market to buy things and yon went there with your car, you have to park outside and be vigilant so that they wouldn’t tow your vehicle away. But here, there’s nothing like that, their customers would come and buy whatever they want to buy.

What are the facilities they have here?

You can see interlocks everywhere, they have conveniences, parking space, generator and bigger shops.

What advice do you have for the traders?

They have to maintain the cleanliness of the environment, the structures, all the facilities that are put in place need to be properly maintained. To whom much is given, much is expected.



‘There’s a good advantage here’ -MRS. AKINOLA

How does it feel relocating here from the old Alade Market?

It is mixed feelings. It is not easy to leave your old space where you are used to, your comfort zone. It is like starting all over again. We have enough parking space here. It is a key to good business. That is a good advantage here. Almost everybody moved from the old Alade Market to this place. So, if customers should come, they will ask for the new Alade.

How long have you been here?

I’ve been here for about a week now.

Can you compare business in the new Alade to the old Alade?

For now, it is slow probably because we are just moving in, we should expect that. Like I said, it is like starting all over again. My customers are already calling to know where I am now. They are willing to locate me. The only disadvantage is that there are some customers that come once a while, they may not know where we relocated and they may not have my mobile number. Coming here means we will gain some customers and lose some.

Sometime back, people complained that the market should not be close to a canal, what is your take about that?

The canal is far from where the shops are. We have had experience when there was heavy rain fall and it did not affect our shops, so it has no effect on us at all. They will barricade the carnal and it will look more decent. They can’t cover it, they can only make this place beautiful. I can assure people that we sell original things here. I can boast of wine, that is what I sell. Once you are selling fake, we tell the person to leave the market. I can say that 95 percent of goods you get here are original.


‘We will have enough space to display our goods’ -MRS. ADEMOLA

Do you prefer this place to the old Alade Market?

I like this place, it is more beautiful and spacious.

What advantages will you get from relocating to this new site?

This place is spacious, the vicinity is okay. The shops are big. We will have enough space to display our goods. I really prefer this place to the old site.


‘Nobody will complain about this place’ -MRS. ARINOLA

Do you prefer this place to the old Alade Market?

I am happy because this place is a fertile ground. I don’t think anybody will complain if they come here. I am extremely happy. They should have done this for us a long time ago. Is it the fresh air we will talk about, there are sales here. I don’t think anyone will come here and leave this place complaining.


‘We are making sales since we relocated’ -MRS. TEMITOPE WORU

How long have you been here?

For about three weeks. I was one of the first set of people to get my shop here.

How will you describe sales here compared t the old Alade Market?

We have been making sales since we came here. Things are working out well.

What are the advantages you think relocating here will give traders?

There is ample parking space. We are all free here both traders and buyers.

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