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Jaywon counts his blessings -‘Life is beautiful’

James Oluwajuwonlo Edahi, popularly known as Jaywon is working on his album, Oba Orin. ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with him about this, why he left Kennis Music, love life and other sundry issues.


How was 2015 generally for Jaywon?

It was one of the best. A lot happened in my life and family issues. Mom was sick but I thank God we were able to get her back on her feet. She is now stable. A whole lot of things happened. It was really one of the best for me. I was able to put finishing touches to my album. I had two tours, one to Europe and America. I had a very good year and I thank God for it.

What should your fans look forward to in 2016?

My album is ready. We are getting a lot of positive responses already. My song, This Year has been trending. It sounds like a new song everyday but it is three years already. The song has changed a lot of things. We tend to have more users of the song, a lot of people are using it as their caller tunes. We are trying to make our record label one of the most sought after this year. We are working.

Tell us more about your album?

I am excited about the album. We have put a lot of work in making it a success. It is entitled Oba Orin (king of music). Fans call me Oba Orin and I decided to stick to it. I didn’t call myself, fans call me Oba Orin. We decided to pick Oba Orin because my manager and the marketer agreed to the title.

We have more legendary songs on the album. If you like This Year, you will like Back to Sender. I had a song with 9ice, I had another collabo with Oritshefemi. It is my favourite right now. I had a song with Small Doctor, Obesere and Reekado Banks.

The song you did with Obesere will definitely be fuji?

Yes, it is. Fuji is Jaywon. I started with fuji. I started singing fuji when I was small. The only music then was fuji. It was what we were listening to while growing up. Obesere is just like a father, if I call him now, he would wish to assist me. We did songs on the album that can lift your spirit.

Where do you get inspiration?

Everything that happens around me. I don’t go too far to look for inspiration. I can stay in my balcony and look around, the inspiration I need to compose a song will come. I can go to my studio and that is it. I have Startimes in my room. I listen to local channels and get what I want. Inspiration, for me is not far. I thank God for that.

You have been able to do away with controversy, how did you perform the magic?

It doesn’t work for me. It is usually the other way round. I also don’t do bad things. I always keep my relationship simple. If you don’t want me, I go my own way. That is why I don’t have many friends. I have more up and coming artistes as friends.

I have people that show me love, they are the people that know my house. I keep my circle very small. Those I am close to come to my house.

Is that why we don’t see Jaywon at functions?

If the function is important to me, why not. I have a very big family. I have a lot of responsibilities. I have to cater for them. If my going out will put money in my pocket, why not, I will go. If not, I wouldn’t. Sometimes my friends give me money so I can follow them to club. Sometimes to go out, you must give me money. If not, they can come over to my house. I have drinks in my house too. I don’t just go out.

When you released Odun Yi back then, did you envisage it will become an evergreen song?

Terry G said you don’t know a hit song until it becomes one. I just make music, a lot of times when I see that a song looks promising, I put more effort into it and I pray that God will bless my effort. I just do my thing and pray that God will make it a hit.

How is life after Kennis Music?

Life has been good. I live the kind of life I want to live. I do my thing, no problem, no issue. Life has been good, to God be the glory. A lot of people called to ask many questions but I have chosen to be quiet.

Any regret leaving Kennis Music?

No regret so far. I miss Baba Keke though. I lost my dad years ago. While I was with him, he took that role in my life. He gave instructions, gave advice. I miss that fatherly love.

What is your relationship with him?

We are cool. We are still cool. It is just the distance now. He is very busy now. He is the General Manager of Ray Power. He is bigger now.

When you left Kennis Music, you didn’t give reasons for leaving?

I didn’t give reasons because I don’t want to have issues. You know the media, some will doctor whatever you said. It is only the people that believe in you that wouldn’t do that. Some things went wrong while we were trying to bargain. That led to some rumour. The main thing was that my contract expired.

Some people believe you wanted to be a record label owner that was why you left?

People will always talk. As a mother, if her daughter is getting married, she will cry because she knows she will miss you. That was what happened between me and Baba Keke. I know he didn’t want me to go but I had a dream I wanted to achieve. We were no longer on the same page. It was later that we understood ourselves.

No matter what, I can’t have anything against Baba Keke. A lot of people called me, saying they were chopping my money, this and that but none of these people know anything about my contract with Kennis Music.

It is good to listen to yourself and not to what people are saying. People will always talk. There were some people who had millions when you had nothing, they didn’t remember you but when you have millions they will remember to tell you that someone is cheating you. I will advise up and coming artistes not to sign any contract they don’t understand.

I signed a contract of close to five years with Kennis Music and I stayed. I didn’t sign an everlasting contract. My contract expired.

Are you looking at working with some artistes from Kennis Music?

Yes, we are working with some. Some of them are on the album. It is after we release the album that we will showcase them.

Tell us about the artistes on your record label?

We have not officially signed them but we have some we are watching closely. I have to open my eyes wide. The jungle is not easy right now. I don’t want anybody who will give me problem. I have to watch closely.

What is your take about artistes having baby mamas?

It is a very good thing. I don’t have a problem with that. How I wished I had one. It is a good thing to have children. It is not a problem. People also get married and divorce within a month. What will you say about that? The most important thing is to be a responsible father, work hard and take care of your child.

That means there is a possibility that a baby mama might spring up for you one day?

People don’t complain about Boko Haram and Lassa Fever, they are complaining about baby mama. Nigerians are funny. We have some problems we should concentrate on. Is it supposed to be a bad thing, two people are in love now and may be later it didn’t work, it is not every marriage that works. If I have a child and I am taking care of the child, it is okay. Anybody that has a child and does not take care of his child should be arrested.

What is your take on the beef going on in the industry?

It is a two way question for me. I have enough respect for the people beefing, no one has any right to steal anybody’s song. And you the artiste, where did you keep your song that they are stealing. They said one person threw a glass cup at another person, why will he do that. Why didn’t he wait so that the two of them can fight.

If you want to start a quarrel, be prepared before you start it. I realize that those who claim someone stole their songs are the bigger thieves. I can count two to three artistes that remixed my song, This Year. I wouldn’t lie to you, I can sing those songs for you now. The truth is, I have too many songs, I can’t be saying someone stole my song.

It might take me two years to repeat that record in Nigeria, but the truth is, I have too many songs, even Tim Geoffrey entitled his song This Year, go and listen to it. Why should I complain. People should also learn to acknowledge others, state it and give credit to whom it is due. If they steal one, write another one.

If you don’t want them to steal your song, copyright it. I will copyright all my songs on my album and will sue if they steal it.

How is your love life?

Simple and private.

Any plan to get married this year?

Anything can happen.


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