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Jibes flood social media as ambassadors fail national anthem, pledge test

In a letter, dated June 6, 2016 and signed by the President, Mr. Buhari requested the Senate to approve a list of 47 career Foreign Service officers in the shortest possible time.

As the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs is in the screening process for the consideration as Ambassadors among the 47 career Foreign Service officers submitted by President Muhammadu Buhari on June 9 to be appointed as career diplomats, Nigerians have chosen not to overlook the goof by two of the nominees – Vivian Nwunaku Okeke from Anambra State and Ibrahim Isa from Niger state.

As part of the screening, it is expected that individuals to represent the country as Foreign Service officers should know the National Anthem and the National Pledge properly; the expectations of Senator Monsurat Sunmonu, the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, were not met as the nominee from Anambra State, Vivian Nwunaku Okeke couldn’t recite the National Anthem and Ibrahim Isa, the nominee from Niger state failed to properly say the National Pledge.

Aside from reciting the National Anthem and the National Pledge, other questions asked by the panel were to state the number of lawmakers in the Senate, to name senators representing candidate’s state, to list of 12 states in Nigeria and their capital, to mention their geopolitical zones and the states in them, to recite the old national anthem, number of local government areas in candidate’s state amongst others.

Some of the other nominees on the list among the 47 whose responses were not right are Hakeem Balogun from Lagos State, who currently serves in the United States, Jane Ndem from Benue State, who currently serves in Japan, Shakirat Ogundero from Oyo State, Janet Bisong from Delta State.

Although some nominees were publicly corrected by other members of the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs; Nigerians took to social media to throw jibes against the potential foreign affairs officers, especially, Vivian Nwunaku Okeke and Ibrahim Isa.

The nominees were led Senator Ita Enang, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on National Assembly Matters (Senate).

Here are some of the jibes on social media concerning the goof…

Sabo Musa Oga

Not being able to recite your National Anthem and/or National Pledge may not prevent a sound diplomat-in-the-making from being appointed to the position, but it’s an extremely careless manner of nursing ambition. As you aspire to a position do so well by making your route clear and be seen to be doing so. The department whose duty is to raise them should have made the two important protocol ways of showing patriotism to precede their early morning briefings. If a diplomatically sound person is asked to recite them and they fail, you will feel like sinking down in disappointment, won’t you?


Peace Ichipi

Anxiety can turn someone to a nonetity at times. This morning I asked two school children, one after the other, who always sang the National Anthem up to five times daily to do so but they blundered because they were not expecting it. The same thing may have happened to these two nominees.


Aminu Khalil

I don’t think people with their country in mind can’t recite national anthem.


Hayatudeen Suleiman

It doesn’t mean anything, I bet u many of them can’t recite d anthem


Ibrahim Yusuf

Recite or not it doest matter,what is important is e quality of e ambassador period


Igirgi Hope

It’s such a shame how do they want to represent Nigeria when they can’t even recite the national anthem and pledge. Big disgrace to all of them.


Oladunni Babatunde Prince

She is biafra what is the problem if she can’t recite national anthem which of the senathief can recite it?


Chima Uzo

One of those educated Illiterates that go to University and fuck lecturers and then claiming to graduate..I believe during her time she also took picture of NYSC to display it on facebook to show that she is a graduate..We know this kind of people.


Ibidokun Jabber Adedunmoye

Na wa oooo….but they can steal abi!????


Omoefe Victory

Products of examination malpractice in school


Engr Tolani Adeshina Jamie

She dont know Nigeria anthem but she know biafia anthem


Samuel Ogboji Peter

The most confused country in the world. They have the money without a single knowledge in the brain.


Stephen Anthony Solomon

They are gud 4 nothing


Ezra Opra

Who are they going to represent then


Ebere Hopewell Eze

it’s shameful. But come to think of it, how many of our parents can recite the anthem without mistakes?. lol


Perfectly Uge

Hmm… When are we going to build up a better and a brighter Nigeria? I believe we can achieve this when the leaders of tomorrow are allowed to take over power.


Akus Arome

How many of this Senators knows how to recite National Anthem? That is not news. Tell FG to put food on the table of a common man.


Olaniyan Henry Ceo

The Incapable/aged among governing body should quit and let the youth practice their political experience. We are tired of them.


Oludare Adebiyi

They shld go back to school


Chijioke Iyioku

The appointment should be scrapped for lack of patriotism. I fact their origin and educational qualifications re questionable


Abdulrahman Muhammad

A great slapped on the face of anambrans and nigers as well . we should not allow the university to pass through us instead of us passing through the university.


Yinka Abioye

Reciting national anthem shouldn’t b an issue.we only recite it when we are in primary and secondary school.How do u want dem to remember something dey have done for years, for 30yrs and more.I don’t see anything wrong with dat there are many intelligent questions to ask apart from asking old people to recite national anthem


Peter Temitope Okedun

Let them be disqualified, very shameful people.


Rachael Akintola

Imagine our ambassadors can’t recite our Anthem and pledge correctly.


Akpodhoma Mike Ajirioghene Mikoko

It’s not news anyway because we have seen such in the past, though they are senior career ambassadors/diplomats, not politicians. Without missing wordes I think our past is haunting us greatly.

The removal of history in both primary and secondary schools is playing out gradually, am sure majority of us can’t recite the national anthem as well. God will really help this country.


Immanuel Okeolushola Shinoy Ashoko

Ahhhhh what a shame…common d National Anthem u can’t recite n u wanna be n Ambassador. …And I ask which country are u going to represent…..???

– ‘Seyifunmi Adebote for

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