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John Fashanu, Abigail Igwe reveal more shocking secrets of troubled marriage (4): ‘Abigail Igwe is a troublesome woman’ – Fashanu’s sister, Ms. Adeshina

IN the evening of Saturday, May 2, 2015, we also spoke to Ms. Adeshina Fashanu who was introduced to us as John Fashanu’s sister. For more than an hour (from 9.43 p.m), she explained what happened when Abigail Igwe reportedly stormed the Abuja ‘Sun City’ abode of her brother last year…


I am John Fashanu’s sister ( from the same parents). We were all fostered.

I live in Abeokuta, Lagos and Abuja.

I am 35 years old.

She stormed the house with police and some men and women

During that time, there was this FIFA World Cup (between June 12 – July 13, 2014) going on. So, I was in the house with the maid. My brother was not in the country. What she’s telling the world is not true. How can you catch him with two women.

It was in the evening. Then we were still building the house. I was planning to take some of the workers to the junction, so that they could get vehicles to their destinations.

By the time we came back from dropping the workers at the roundabout at 6:30 p.m, I met four policemen, three women and three guys. Before I could say hello, Abigail and the group, were making spurious claims. The story was that the house was going to be sold.

When we got back, she was already in the house. They had broken into the house.

Because of security implication, I told the estate guards that No. 13 was burgled.

What she said was someone was trying to sell the house. Can a house be sold in one day?

It was disgraceful, it was embarrassing.

John Fashanu and Abigail Igwe

John Fashanu and Abigail Igwe

We were all taken to Lugbe Police Station.

She claimed John was planning to marry the maid

When she got to the police station, she changed the story. That she heard the house maid wanted to marry my brother. It was very embarrassing.

At the end of the day, the DPO wanted to find out who wanted to sell the house.

The DPO called John abroad. He was in Brazil (for the World Cup) and Colombia (with Prophet T. B. Joshua).

She said the police should look me up. The story had no head or tail.

Show us document that says the house is being sold, she was asked.

The police told her to get out of the police station. That she’s a useless wife.

She’s a troublesome woman

Of course, I knew her as my brother’s wife. She’s not a wife, she’s a troublesome woman.

She was driving people away. She’s so hostile. Very violent.

We will never allow a woman like Abigail to drag our name in the mud.

If she’s not well, she should go to a hospital.

What she did was very embarrassing.

As a sister, I tried to calm her down, I was unsuccessful. We’ve tried to make her come back, no way. We’ve called pastors, but no way.

Nobody can talk to her. All she gives is wahala, not a child.

She came to the house to take documents

They came to the house to take a document. By the time we came, we realised she had stolen some things.

The maid was stripped naked (Ruth Opara).The maid has five children, has her husband. If you see the woman, you will know she’s not someone you should sleep with. Does the maid deserve to be beaten? She (Abigail) just doesn’t want anyone with him.

It is a woman that keeps and destroys the home.

Any time she came, she broke things – TV and windows. There is always reality show in the house.

Every month my brother is changing TV. I told my brother they should go and act a film.

I love my brother, I love my family, we should protect the family.

She once spat in the face of a 75 year-old man (when he tried to make peace).

If you don’t do your duty as a wife, you will lose your man. All she wants is money – no child, nothing.

The incident at the police station was embarrassing.

Even people on drugs can’t do it.

I don’t know if she’s possessed. It is evil spirit.She’s always after my brother’s money.

I don’t want John to die now

We are the only two alive now (in my family). I don’t want him to die through her.

I was there, calming her down. She said all the family are dead.

My duty is family first. She can never try this with an Igbo man. It is because we are cultured, we are Yoruba that she’s getting away with all this rubbish.

Life is a journey for everybody. You don’t need to go to a seer to know what to do…

In life, people always leave a mark. She left a mark, we cannot be happy.

All she wants is to disrupt what we are doing.

You don’t need money to build a good name. She didn’t use our family name well. She’s disgracing our family.

It’s not by force to marry a man. If you can’t give him peace, leave.

I blame both of them. But she’s the one that will lose. She needs deliverance, she needs prayers.

She has left a bad mark. She should just go in peace.

It’s painful.

She cannot be called to order. She is not a woman of peace.

I’ve tried to call her to order, but no way.

I’m not happy with her attitude.

It’s because he’s British. She should try it with Hausa, or Igbo.


She spat on my face, once.

Last year…

She comes for maintenance. When she doesn’t get it, she fights.

The tenants are witnesses. She has disrupted meetings many times.

She gets N1 or N2 million allowance. And when she burns that, she comes again.

I was disgusted at the end. She once accused that my brother sleeps with me.

John wants peace. Is it by force to marry? She broken plasma TV several times.

That God said she will get money through John in his Will.

She fights everywhere. At church, petrol station…


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