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John Fashanu, Abigail Igwe reveal more shocking secrets of troubled marriage (5): Abigail Igwe shocker ‘He married me by false pretense – he’s scared because I know about his fraudulent activities’

ABIGAIL Igwe, in the evening of Saturday, May 2, 2015 (from 4:10 p.m) spoke about her ordeal as John Fashanu’s wife.  She painted a picture of a deceitful man who pretended to love her.

In her narration, more scandalous allegations were raised…and she promised she has more to say in court (when both meet in for the divorce case reportedly due this month in Abuja).


John was bitter about living in a foster home, he enjoys sleeping with the underprivileged

He was bitter about his being fostered. And he constantly wondered why would the mother put him in a foster home when she was alive? That he and his brother (Justin) were the only blacks in the foster home. That anytime he remembers being fostered, he feels bad.

That it made him want to dominate people, especially house maids and petty traders. Those he considers underprivileged.

He has done a whole lot, and I want him to stop.

Footballers he defrauded are planning to protest

There are many parents crying, he defrauded them of N2 million apiece. Parents of those young footballers he promised to take abroad.

The footballers are planning to protest, that they want their money back.

John Fashanu said one of the boys should not protest.

He collected money from them, and said he couldn’t get visas.

I started begging him about it – that these boys borrowed money. I thought he had plans, but he was lying about the visa. After six month, I had to ask him what was happening to the visas. That visas took only two weeks.

I had to go with him to the Embassy, for a particular visa…

I told one of the officials at the embassy that he submitted passports for visa for his boys, and the man denied. That he never applied for visas on behalf of the boys.

I don’t know if he has a safe in his house

I’ve never lived in his house for one day. It’s only when he has visitors that he called, and  he begged me to come and assist. I would come to assist. I stopped assisting him after some time.

There was no safe in his house. Sometimes I sit down in his sitting room and drop my bag on the table.And he would quickly remove my bag and take it to the bedroom. That it would be obvious to the visitors I didn’t live there.

I don’t know much about his house.

He should talk about me stealing N100 million, not N1 million from his safe.

How can he say I’m possessed?

The pastor is not dead. I can give you his number. What are we talking about…

He was begging me through the pastor.

The pastor is here (in Abuja) ready to testify. It’s on  record that he told him (the pastor) that I’d not slept with him for a year. He kept pleading. And the pastor said he had to take HIV test.

This man does not know that I’m waiting for the court. There are so many things on record, with his voice to prove so many things.

People are willing to testify that I went through a lot. They are ready to come to court.

In fact, a close friend of his asked him why did you call ‘Mirror’ (the United Kingdom newspaper) to talk about these things. He told the friend that :

(1) He’s apprehensive that he had not heard from me.  That he didn’t want me to surprise him.

(2) That there’s a lady called Jane who is John’s friend in London.  That he (John) doesn’t have a house in London. That Jane told him to go and do something. So that she can accept him.

I was wondering what led him to go to the press. He’s always desperate. He can because of biscuit deceive a woman.

Whenever he knocks, and I don’t open, he would be banging on the doors, shouting up and down. So, when he comes and knocks, I would quietly open, to avoid any scene or embarrassment

There was a time my friend was living with me. She came to Abuja for about three months, and lived here.

Whenever  he came at the time, I moved into the visitors room with my friend. That’s why he felt my friend was encouraging me to leave him ( and he’s now spreading tales that we are lesbians). This would be end of 2013. He said I’d turned to a different person.

Yes, I am the daughter of Zion

Yes, I’m the daughter of Zion because I’m very prayerful. All Christians know what Zion is. It means the kingdom of the Most High.

He’s looking for things to say (that I am possessed)…When I unveil this guy, people will know satan has come to the world.

He promised to wreck me

He would always say we’re in for this marriage. That he would bring me down if l left him.

That I should ask Amal (his daughter) about him. That he messed the mother up. That the mother was sleeping around.

So, immediately the Mirror guy called from London, I told my daughter (Adaeze Yobo who was the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, 2008/2009). Adaeze and Amal became friends because of John and I. So, Adaeze was angry and told Amal to tell John to retract all he said to Mirror…

Amal said, ‘Good riddance to bad rubbish.’  Amal said she’s distressed about what John did to her mother. That his father is a chronic liar. That I should manage him. That he’s unreliable.

That John does not think about his children. That her relationship suffered because of her father’s attitude.

Can you imagine that he did the same thing he’s accusing your mother to my (Amal’s) mother. Amal’s mother is an ardent Roman Catholic.

Fash told me that Amal’s mother was not a bad woman. That she was so prayerful like me. That it was one of the things he found out.

John told me that the world is about the big animal swallowing the small one.

 I never told him l caught my husband with a maid

God forbid. I never told him anything like that (that l caught my husband sleeping with a maid). I’m not mad like him. The man is alive and he lives in Lagos. We are bringing up the children together.

He wants to ruin me because l know his fraudulent activities

I know all his fraudulent activities, so it is quite obvious who wants to ruin who…

He carries gun about.

A neighbour he wanted to sleep with slapped him

I remember when a neighbour slapped him. One day, John was harassing her, and she held his shirt and slapped him.

And he pulled out a gun. As soon as he pulled the gun, the woman called the police. It was early last year (2014).

John called me, that this woman tore my clothes. When I got there, I met him and the police.

The woman said he’s using the place as a brothel. John  told police, see my wife.

Immediately I came, he told me, pretend you are my wife.

The police took him away – to write a statement. He called the woman’s husband, and blackmailed her that the woman was sleeping around. But of course, he didn’t believe him. (The woman’s husband didn’t live there).

Not cooking for him?

There are things that I don’t have to defend myself. You should ask him, why then marry?

I am a Christian. I cooked for him. I was making different things for him.

He obtained me by false pretence. Before I knew what was happening, he had married me.

I don’t know why I fell in love with him

I didn’t know much about him. No one warned me about him until we were married.

He told me not to let anybody know that we were serious. That there were women after him. That I should keep our relationship a secret.

It was after the marriage that I started hearing different things about him. And whenever I told him, he said he had changed. That he’s now a born again Christian. That he had changed for good.

He always reminded me that I led him to Christ….

How can he say l insulted women he was with?

There was a publication where he said he loved me because I never questioned him about women.

So, why would I bother? The only thing is I stopped sleeping with him. He said he would die if I left him.

I’ve not been served the divorce papers

But I’m eagerly waiting to receive the divorce papers. I’m yielding to curiosity.

It was the publication that drew my attention to the divorce.

He defrauded many young footballers

The people he defrauded are more than 50 that I know. He defrauded them of N2 million each.

He went to Taraba, they gave him N50 million. He didn’t do anything.

The boys were worried, and calling me. Then, I would me bothering him.

He later told me that I should help him draft some agreement, that as soon as they (the young footballers) land in another country, the contract is fulfilled. I said no way.

He got another person to draft the contract. That he wanted to take some footballers to London. And I knew he was lying.

At a point, I decided to pretend I wanted to work with him. He said he went to British High Commission, and the boys were refused visa.

He was defrauding more people. On two occasions, he claimed that he went to the British High Commission and they were refused.

I told him that it was impossible. That we should go and see the High Commissioner. I wrote a letter to the High Commission, and we were invited (in 2013).

So, we met the High Commissioner, and he showed him some papers (about the boys who wanted to go to the UK). The man decided to give the boys visa. About eight boys.  He was afraid about the Taraba case, the government and I were disturbing him, putting pressure on him.

He eventually took the boys to where physically challenged boys played football in the UK . And he brought them back. He threatened the boys with gun. And they ran. They were there for only one week.

The boys are now in the village. They may be there causing mayhem. Some of them have outgrown football age. They want to sue him. They have spoken to a lawyer.

He’s lying that l pestered his Senator friends for money

John does not have any senator friend. The issue is that John does not have one senator friend. He should just give you the name of any of them that is his friend. He’s been  using different names of important Nigerians to defraud people.

That is maligning our distinguished senators. He’s a drowning man. I want people know who he is so they don’t fall prey.

Everything works out for good for those who love God

As a Christian, I would have said this is the only regret I have in my life.

The spirit of God said, he hardened Pharaoh’s heart so that he can be destroyed.

Another thing I heard from the spirit of God is that this would be his (John’s) end of destroying women. But I don’t know how it’s going to happen.

When l realised this,then I stopped having any regret. Everything works out for good for those who love God.

He was laughing when he told me he enjoyed dominating underprivileged ladies

He was just laughing when he told me the story.

That he enjoyed sleeping with young women who are underprivileged. That he doesn’t need to spend so much money on them.

That he remembered the slave trade. That on the ship, the whites slept with black women at will, and when they died, they threw them overboard (into the sea).

That it gives him joy when he slept with these women (underprivileged young women) .

He said to me regularly that he told me things because I normally prayed for him. I thought he needed the prayers. When I knew he was not interested was when he told me he goes to church to socialise. That he can easily defraud pastors.

He disturbed my prayer meetings

When we are praying, he would be disturbing and distracting us. He said to me that he doesn’t like prayers. That’s what made me give up on him. That’s why I kicked him out of my house.

He would call their husbands that we never prayed, but only gossiped. Just to make the husbands not allow their wives to come to my house. But they didn’t believe him. I started going to my friend’s house to pray.


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