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John Fashanu, Abigail Igwe’s divorce mess gets more exciting -Legal fireworks begin next week

THE legal fireworks in the sensational divorce mess of former international soccer star, John Fashanu, 52, and Abigail Igwe, 48, the lawyer mother of Adaeze Yobo, will begin next week (on Tuesday, May 19, 2015).

And the very first thing to be determined is an ex parte motion for substituted service since the lawyers to Ambassador Fashanu (Caslada Law Firm) in Abuja maintained they are finding it difficult to serve Mrs. Abigail Igwe Fashanu the court papers.

We gathered that the law firm, led by George Ubajekwe, will seek to serve her through other means since it couldn’t locate her.  She might likely be notified of the case by the papers being pasted where she’s expected to see it.

Right now, it is unclear what the judge would say concerning the ex parte motion (which is usually heard without the other party’s legal representation entertained).

Once the manner of service is determined, the case proper will begin in the early days of June  and more salacious details of the union which started in 2009 and led to marriage in 2011 will be in public space.

ENCOMIUM Weekly, in the last two weeks, has spoken to the parties (John Fashanu and Abigail Igwe)  and some of their claims and counter claims are as mind-boggling as they are amazing.

While Abigail Igwe labeled John Fashanu ‘dubious, fraudulent and ranting like a woman who brought shame to her every day,’ he tagged the ‘marriage a sham, and that they only lived together for three months.’

The celebrity former footballer also alleged that ‘she’s after his lands in Lagos and Abuja and the worst cook in the world who spends N200,000 on padded pants to make her bum look bigger.’

She said ‘he married me by false pretense, he’s full of lies and deceit and he’s scared because I know all his fraudulent activities.’

ENCOMIUM Weekly gathered that the marriage actually ended around April 2014, and divorce filed about six months ago.  Both have brought up sexual escapades as one of the major causes of their separation.

Fashanu claimed she’s a lesbian, while she accused him of engaging in threesomes…

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