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Jonathan returns from Cote d ‘Ivoire

Former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has reportedly returned from Côte d’Ivoire today (Wednesday,June1,2016), putting paid to all the speculations that he had gone on exile following the perceived threat of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission which is investigating his appointees accused of mind boggling theft.

He was said to have disembarked from a plane to the surprise of airport officials. The location of the airport was unclear.

The return of the man who presided over a five year plague, ruining and ravaging the land, has foreclosed for now the the perceived threats from Muhammadu Buhari’s presidency.

Last week, tales of exile rent the air as the Bayelsa born former  deputy governor, governor, Vice President and President was said to have been away from Nigeria for months. Most news media reported the story of the exile until he debunked it the next day.



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