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Jonathan on exile over monumental corruption allegations

The country is thick with the tale that former president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan may have temporarily settled in Côte d’Ivoire on exile as speculations of his plotted arrest over monumental corruption allegations gained ground.

Reports have it that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission led by Ibrahim Magu are on the trail of the former president who presided over the most elaborate looting ever witnessed by mankind.

In spite of repeated assurances by President Muhammadu Buhari that his predecessor won’t be touched, fresh revelations of the mind boggling pillage of our commonwealth under Jonathan’s watch and tacit approval may make Buhari change his mind.

And Nigerians are as stupefied as they are worried about the current development which has led militants into blowing more pipelines, intent on crippling the economy…


  • jhydebaba(m): GEJ in exile less than a year of handing over…..hmmmm! From grace to grass  No man knows tomorrow, be the best in whatever you do today.
  • Horlufemi: Leave Jona alone. He’s a saint
  • fulanmafia: Just like the Ojucrook, Jona-daft has run to Ivory Coast while his people’s lands and rivers are being bombarded and polluted by the day, and his people suffer in the creeks. If Dikko could be crated by Buhari in London to face his corruption charges, then Jona should get ready to fit in a carton to be shipped back to Kirikiri.Jona-daft can only run but cannot hide…I’ve always suspected that the ineffectual buffoon was nothing more than a common thief.
  • 9ijaprince(m): I think buhari should thread with caution. He should apply wisdom in his anti corruption fight so as not to escalate the already heated country.
  • asha90: Touch GEJ and watch the Nigerian economy sink 100%. If you want to touch GEJ be ready to touch the soul of Nigeria’s economy #SayNoToSelectiveProbe
  • wordychap: Jonathan is being careful because he knows what’s up. He doesn’t wanna be disgraced.
  • DONMAYOR19: APC Don start, anyway that’s their business, what I just want is for militants to do their needful. at least make the cow see how it is for someone to make someone else government ungovernable.
  • bangiso mhlabeni: Arrest who? Buhari,arrest GEJ and face war.
  • Ewu Nama: APC propaganda. Corruption has got a new definition.
  • Emma Akpaego: Stop probing GEJ’s security-vote while collecting yours for undisclosed reasons… He that comes to Equity must come with clean hand……
  • Felix Udoh: Jonathan needs to come home and let Buhari dare it.
  • Charles Coteen: The military should crush these criminals once and for all, even if it means wiping them out completely. At the end of the war we start all over again to build that region. A lot of criminals in the system


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