Jorge Mendez inspired my going into football business’ -AK 360 Hamzat Akeem

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Hamzat Akeem Oladimeji, popularly known as AK360 is the owner of 360 Beach Bar, Elegushi Beach, Lagos, Akras Enterprises (wine selling business) and Team 360 Football Club, he has carved a niche in the beach bar business and remains one of the most popular beach bars operators in Lagos. His wine business which he runs with his mother at Apongbon, Lagos Island is also flourishing. A few years back, he started a football club which has been doing well and winning big both in Nigeria and internationally.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with the businessman, and he told us all about his businesses, how 2015 went and his plans for 2016….


How did 2015 go business wise?

2015 business wise was good but not as the previous year maybe it’s as a result of the elections and also the change in government but generally business was slow but we still give thanks to Almighty God for everything

What major business lessons did you learn in 2015?

The business lesson I learnt in 2015 was that people are more inclined to online business now which I think is the new trend and the easiest way to take your business closer to the people which is what we are focusing on this year.

What are your expectations for 2016?

Our expectation is that the economy of the country should improve generally so that it will affect business. It’s only when we have good economy that will affect  business stakeholders.

What are the major changes you’ll be making in your business this year?

The major change we’ll be making is to focus more on the online aspect of our business and making sure we provide our goods and services promptly to our customers. Also, we will be doing a lot of re-branding and focusing more on the end users.

How do you manage your business interest (the bar, the wine business and your football club?

I spend more of my time with my football academy called Team360 Football Club because it is new and I put all my energy and time there now. I have capable hands that manage the wine and bar business. All in all it is God that has been my strength.

It’s been said that the major challenge of operating the hospitality business is huge debt people incur, is this true? If yes, how do you tackle it?

This doesn’t only happen in the hospitality business, virtually all businesses are affected now, it’s just your ability to manage the debt incurred. I have been able to manage it properly in as much as we still have a lot of debtors but we have been able to manage it to the barest minimum.

What tactics do you employ to make sure people coming back to 360 Beach Bar?

Our major tactics is to improve the quality of service we render and also the interest of our customers which is paramount to us because we want them keep coming.

How long have you been operating 360 Beach Bar?

360 Beach Bar has been in operation for seven years.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m an easy going, simple and business minded person

Business wise, which entrepreneurs are your role models and why?

The only entrepreneur that’s my role model is my mum and also Jorge Mendez, who was a bar owner turned super football agent. He manages the likes of C.Ronaldo, Jose Mourinho, Falcao and other super star footballers. He inspired my going into football business.


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