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JOSEPHINE UGWU, airport cleaner who returned N12 million compensated by FAAN with a better job ‘It’s great to be remembered’

Josephine Ugwu’s dream of getting a better job has gradually come to pass, thanks to the federal government which offered her a job at the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN). The ridicule, humiliation suffered as a result of her patriotic act is now a thing of history.

Her honesty also landed her a better job with the Enugu state government and a street will be named after her in the state.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with her about these and much more.


Congratulations! We heard the federal government has offered you a job in FAAN?

Thank you very much. It is true. I have an offer to work with the federal government under Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) here in Lagos state.

How does it feel that your patriotism is being rewarded?

I am very happy about it. I thank God for the opportunity He is bringing my way to serve my country. I am also grateful to Nigerians and the government who came to my aid to reward me. I am happy, I am grateful.

Tell us about your new job?

I will be working at the commercial department. The department is in charge of collecting money for flight landing.

Have you resumed duty?

No, not yet. I have been given my appointment letter. I have done all the necessary tests, submitted my credentials but work has not started. I collected my appointment letter in August. I am still working with Patroville for now until they call us to resume at FAAN.

Why have you not resumed work?

I am not the only person affected. I have some other people like me. We were told the person who is in charge of the materials we will use is not around. Until the person resumes duty, that is when I will start with them. I have my appointment letter already.

We learnt Enugu State Government also offered you a job in the state?

Yes, it is true. I have an offer from Enugu State Government but I don’t have an appointment letter to that effect.

We gathered you were given the opportunity to present a relative for the job since you already have one at the federal level?

Yes, that is true, but he has not resumed. He has not been offered appointment letter. We are still waiting for the government to fulfill their promise.

How does it feel that a street will be named after you?

It feels good, but I have not seen the street as well. I believe the government will make good their promise one day.

How juicy is the federal government offer?

Federal government job will definitely be better. The pay is better. You are sure of a pension and gratuity at the end of the day.

What advice do you have for Nigerians?

I want Nigerians, most especially parents to teach their children good virtues. It all starts from the home and how a child is brought up.

We should also have the fear of God and love one another. The very first money I saw and returned was not from my duty post, but I still went ahead to pick it and returned it.

We also need to love our nation. One man can make a difference in this nation. I was abused and called all sorts of names when I returned the money. Does it mean that those who abused me will make away with the money if they had found it?

That is how corruption starts. We should learn how to act right even when you are not rewarded for it.

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