Journalist Rasheed Abubakar celebrates 8-year relationship with renowned author, Abayomi Mumuni – pens emotional tribute

Exactly this time eight years ago, in the wake of the 2011 general elections, I was invited as a  journalist with Encomium Ng back then to cover the unveiling of the now defunct CPC’s gubernatorial candidate in Lagos State, Ambassador Abayomi Mumuni Nurain by Mrs Lucy Ajayi, the current Executive Director, Lagos International Trade Fair Complex Management Board.
In fact, I wanted to send an I.T student because the candidate to be unveiled by the new political party, founded by President Buhari, was neither of the ruling #ACN nor PDP, the then leading opposition party in Lagos. However, my instincts (as guided by Allah) told me, “Rasheed, you must go”, and I went. Alhamdulillah, I didn’t regret attending the press briefing because Allah has used this man of uncommon honour and integrity to do great things in my life in the last eight years. 
I still remember how I prayed he won the 2011 governorship election, as he truly meant well for Lagosians. I marvelled at his beautiful master plan for the new Lagos of his dreams during my exclusive interview with him then. He is not like the usual Nigerian politician, whose main business is politics. He is the president of the London-based Wall Street Global Finance Limited and CEO of several multinational companies home and abroad. He is also a renowned global security expert whose books have had a positive influence on the war against terror all over the world. But, as Allah has destined, he didn’t win the election. He also wanted to contest against Governor Ambode in 2015, but later stepped down for the latter following the merger between ACN, CPC, and other parties, which led to the formation of the All Progressives Congress (APC). 
I later got to know how close he was to President Muhammadu Buhari. Thisday Newspaper, in an article published in 2015, described Mumuni and Buhari as “siamese twins”, noting that their relationship was another classic example of friendship made in heaven. According to the newspaper, Buhari, who is seeking re-election as Nigeria’s President, highly respected Mumuni’s views on political issues since their days in ANPP and CPC, before moving to APC. 
Why am I saying this now, one may ask? It has no link with the current elections. It may also interest you that this selfless man jettisoned his ambition to re-contest after pleas from friends and associates. However, I felt excited when I saw a Facebook notification this afternoon, celebrating our 8 years of friendship on the platform. Thank you, Facebook, for giving me the opportunity to celebrate this great man who has quietly empowered thousands of Nigerians, even without holding any political office. May Allah reward you abundantly for your service to humanity, Aare Jagunmade 1 of Lagos.

– Rasheed Abubakar| Tuesday, February 26, 2019



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