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‘Joy of making my people happy inspires me’ – APC Lagos State House of Assembly candidate, SOLA GIWA

Sola Giwa is the All Progressives Congress (APC) aspirant for the Lagos State House of Assembly, Lagos Island constituency 11. The joy of making his people happy is the greatest inspiration and he believes that for you to change things, you need to be there.

Speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the honourable listed the Nigeria of his dream.


How did politics start for you?

For me, politics is an inborn thing. It has always been part of my family. My parents were into politics. My dad was a member of Action Congress, and I had an uncle who was a full time politician. He was a minister in the Second Republic, a senator and also an ambassador. He was my role model and my source of inspiration.

You are contesting for Lagos State House of Assembly, what inspired the decision?

The joy of making my people happy is the greatest of them all. Basically, I have always had the aspiration to serve my people and I saw that in my late uncle. Whenever I visited him, I always appreciated the way he helped people. I saw the joy in his face and felt the people’s smile as well.

From my experience in government, I realized that for you to change certain things, you need to be there and I have been working with Governor Fashola. I was in charge of LASTMA before I moved to Transportation. I was born and bred in Lagos Island so, I know the pain of my people, their yearnings. I am one of them and I know their desires. I want to be the mouth piece of Lagos Island Constituency 11 and give them the voice they need so that government will know their yearning and come to their aid.

Sola Giwa

Sola Giwa

How will you convince an ordinary person to vote for you in this forthcoming election?

I am lucky to be in a party that is widely accepted by the ordinary people. And second, my pedigree in Lagos Island speaks for itself. There is this Yoruba adage that says, I need no introduction because everyone here knows me.

They know I am a grassroots person and I am not a new face in Lagos Island. They have been campaigning for me.

What gives you the conviction that you will win based on the fact that your opponent must have made some promises?

I am fortunate to have the mandate of a party that is widely accepted here. Second, my track record even before I held a post in the government I have always been shining. It’s about my pedigree. I have given my people the manifesto of my party which is the manifesto of APC.

What is your personal manifesto for your constituency?

The mandate I have is the mandate of the APC. My manifesto is the manifesto of the APC, it is the party upon which I am contesting. I believe in the party, the ideology of the party, the manifesto of the party and I must push the manifesto. There is nothing called personal manifesto, though I have a vision and I must ensure the people of Lagos Island are well represented.

What are the areas that the present representative is not getting right that you want to change or strengthen?

I wouldn’t say they are not getting it right, my predecessor and I belong to the same party. What I can say is that I’m offering myself more, not that I’m better than the person there. What I’m looking at is what I can do for my people. I’m not promising my people that I’m going to provide this or that.

What I’m promising them is accessibility, the mouthpiece for their voice to be heard, to get what they need from the government, to be able to voice out what their aspiration is and get it done by government.

Do you think this election will be non-violent considering what is happening now?

We are working towards violence free election.

That is why we are appealing to our party members, we are appealing to our fans and supporters that election is not war. Look at my bangle, it says election no be war, vote not fight. It is the opposition that is calling for do or die election because they have seen the hand writing on the wall. That they have lost it and they are afraid. But we will not fight, we will stand by our vote and our vote will be counted. By the grace of God, we shall be declared winner and lead this country.

Sola Giwa

Sola Giwa

What do you think about politicians who employ the youth to carry out violence?

Any right thinking person will not foment violence because violence begets violence, and violence usually consumes people that start it. For me, violence is a no go area, the youth should not be used to foment violence. Get your PVC, cast your vote for that person you are convinced within your mind that will make your life better.

What is the Nigeria of your dream?

The Nigeria of my dream is where there will be steady electricity, security, my children will go to public school not because I have no choice but because public schools are well equipped. There will be industrialization, where agriculture will be booming, where naira will not be skyrocketing. Where I can be assured of breakfast, lunch, dinner and there is something for me to eat tomorrow. The right of a woman will be protected, the disabled, the youth as well as the elderly are protected.


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