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JULIUS AGWU EXCLUSIVE! ‘I’m fit and ready for Crack Ya Ribs in London,  UK’

HIGH-FLYING entertainer and showbiz entrepreneur, Julius Agwu is back on his feet, months after a successful brain surgery to remove a malignant growth.

He told Encomium Weekly’s Associate Editor, UCHE OLEHI this much in an exclusive interview on Monday, August 24, 2015.

The popular comedian also revealed he returned to the United States to see his doctors before he was finally certified medically feet to resume work.

“Yes. I did go back and I’m better and stronger now.”

And come Sunday, August 30, 2015, he would be staging the 10th Anniversary Edition of Crack Ya Ribs (Comedy Tour) in London, UK.

D’Genius, as his admirers call him, told us everything about the show that would attract international comedy and movie stars…


Are you set for Crack Ya Ribs holding in the UK this weekend (August 30, 2015)?

By God’s grace, everything is set. It’s the 10th anniversary and London is already agog for the celebration.

Where exactly is the show taking place?

The show is taking place at the Hackney Empire Theatre, 291 Mare Street, Hackney, London E8 1EJ from 6pm-10pm.

Is it a one- city affair this time around because you used to tour the UK with Crack Ya Ribs?

We had Aberdeen on Saturday, August 22 and London which is the main event is on August 30. So, just two cities for this year.

Please unveil the artistes your are rocking the Uk with this time?

For comedy we have Okey Bakassi, AY, I go Dye, Kojo (a UK based comedian), Oyinbo Princess (UK based), Seyi Brown and Aphrican Ape (both from the U.S.).  And for music, we have Korede Bello of the Mavins crew as the main music act. However, there would be other surprise acts on the day of the show.

What are they (artistes) going to do differently this time, especially when this is the tenth Special Anniversary Edition of the show?

The artists have promised to bring all their arsenals to make the day memorable and I trust them to do that. Also, we would be giving out recognition awards to those who have supported the London show over the years.

Crack Ya Ribs is one of Nigeria’s major exports to Europe and you are sure proud of this feat?

Yes, I am. Also considering the fact that when we started not much was being done abroad in Nigerian comedy.

What has been the sweetest thing about hosting Crack Ya Ribs in the last ten years?

Projecting Nigeria’s image positively to the international community and giving a platform to young and upcoming acts to showcase themselves internationally.

What inspired the show?

Our fans in diaspora yearned to see what they only saw on TV or YouTube live, so we had to take it across the border, while using it as a vehicle to promote the Nigerian people and culture.

So, which has been the most memorable, the most successful and the most commercially viable?

The Nigerian shows because a lot go into organizing the international shows.

Would you say you had the kind of support you needed from sponsors since the inception of Crack Ya Ribs?

No. Sponsorship has been one of our major issues, nevertheless I must thank those who have supported the brand in one way or the other and also thank God for bringing us this far.

What’s your next vision for the show, ten years down the lane?

We are looking forward to bigger projects.

Away from Crack Ya Ribs, how has your career as an entertainer and entrepreneur fared?

I give God all the Glory for a career that has spanned more than 20 years and is still relevant up till this day, in spite of all the challenges.

You recently survived a major brain surgery to remove a tumour, how are you right now?

God has been good to me. I am healing perfectly and ready to get back to work.

Did you go back for more medical attention or you receive treatment here?

Yes, I did go back and I’m better and stronger now.

Has your health issue affected your job?

It has not. It only gave me time to rest properly and pay more attention to my health.

How supportive have your family been all these while?

My family have been my backbone and I will forever remain grateful to them. Now I know it is family over everything.

What next after Crack Ya Ribs in outer London?

Soon, we will unveil some projects and you will be adequately informed.  Meanwhile Crack ya Ribs Abuja will also celebrate 10 years in October this year.

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