Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo : The men listed as bedding the sisters


At the height of the dangerous sex scandal capable of breaking homes and destroying souls, many high net worth pillars of the economy were listed as partakers.

Implicated of being in the images the Matharoo sisters were allegedly using to blackmail were some of our most respected moguls and tycoons, from bankers to oil magnate, politicos to more…


Here are some of those listed:


* A former governor touted as a performer now busy in the centre.


* Another former governor attending to some of our basic needs.


* Oil mogul from the North said to have dated one of the sisters and introduced them to the crème of high society.


* Hotelier with a night club in high brow area of Lagos who has a sonorous name.


* Former bank chairman from the South-west still big in business.


* Former bank M.D. with beautiful Nigerian names.


* A bank chief with a funky English first name.


* Troubled oil mogul from the South-east.


* Brother of a powerful Northern billionaire who loves colourful clothes.


* Son of a politico who recently married.


* Oil tycoon who started the business with his friends.


* Nite club owner whose exploits are magical.


* Troubled South-west mogul running from the long arms of the law.


* Another South-west oil billionaire facing trial at home.


* Oil man who is a politician struggling to be at the centre.


* Farmer and billionaire with hands in lucrative pies from the South-south

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