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‘KAI should leave us alone’ -Street hawkers plead

The establishment of Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI) is to guide against indiscriminate hawking on Lagos highways and major roads. However, some of these hawkers are defiant, which led to the recent raid by KIA officials, which did not go down well with the erring hawkers.

And despite the fact that the government has outlawed street hawking, even with stiff penalty for breaking the law, most major roads are still flooded, especially in the evening.

ENCOMIUM Weekly visited some of these highways and streets to have a chat with some hawkers, and they confirmed their bitter experience in the hands of KIA officials.


‘Government should provide a place for us’ -MR. PETER, orange seller

KIA seized our goods, accusing us of street hawking. Government should please help us provide an alternative place so that we can operate peacefully without any disturbance.


‘We always run helter-skelter when they are around’  – HABAB BUJAY, watermelon seller

Most of us do sell our commodities on the road and on the pavement because we can’t afford to rent a shop. We always run helter-skelter when they are around. Please, help us appeal to the government to prepare a place where we can be doing our business without unnecessary harassment.


‘We are always watchful of KIA officials’ presence’ -CHUKWU SOLOMON, mobile accessories seller

We that hawk on the road are very watchful. When we notice the presence of KIA officials, we quickly pack our goods and hide them to avoid harassment and fine. You know we have families to cater for and these is the only means of our survival.


‘I think they should change their approach’ -USMAN SALAM, yam seller

Some of us get injured while they are chasing us. I think they should change their approach and provide a place for us to sell our goods.


‘KIA have once seized my goods’ – ONI DAMILOLA, soft drink seller

KIA is the only problem we have because they come every day to arrest and seize our commodities, most especially when we sell on the major roads. And it’s not our fault, it’s because we have no choice. We can’t take to armed robbery for survival. They should just take it easy with us.


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