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Kano Beheading: Anger as government, Police silent on tragedy

Over 24 hours after the gruesome murder of an Igbo trader at a Kano market by Muslim zealots, neither the Police nor the state government has made any official comment.

The woman, Bridget Patience was beheaded by angry Muslim youths after a religious argument where she was alleged to have ‘blasphemed’ Prophet Muhammad.

The woman, who sold plastics at the Wambai market was in the company of her husband when she was attacked and killed. The husband however managed to escape alive by the timely intervention of Policemen who whisked him to safety before he could be killed.

The Police is yet to announce whether it was making any investigation into the matter or if it was making any attempts to arrest and bring to justice the perpetrators of the criminal act.

Nigerians on social media are miffed over the lack of empathy or information from the state government and security operatives.

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