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Kasapreko unveils the new face of Alomo bitters

Kasapreko, one of the leading and successful alcoholic and non alcoholic beverage producers, has unveiled the new look of its flagship, Alomo Bitters.

The 750ml and 200ml new Alomo Bitters now has a holographic security-like shiny strip, similar to that found on currency notes and forms part of the plastic wrap over the bottle. The tamper-proof seal would help customers distinguish the band from its rival.

The MD of the company, Mr. Adjei noted that Alomo Bitters first entered the Nigerian market in 2011 and has since risen to become the leading bitters’ drink in Nigeria and Ghana.

He added that though rebranded, Alomo Bitters’ quality still remains the same which its consumers have known since inception some 30 years ago.

Even though the introduction of the unique hologram will help consumers to differentiate the Alomo brands from others, its security intent is to protect consumers ahead of unforeseen counterfeits is very proactive. This is a demonstration that shows the company cares for its consumers and their safety.

“Alomo Bitters is a herbal liqueur made from carefully chosen tropical medicinal plant extracts and very well known for its proven medicinal values, improved peripheral blood circulation which supports full body function, good health and vitality.

“The invigorating benefits of Alomo Bitters are legendary in Africa. Since 1989, we have been exquisitely cultivating and crafting Ghana’s precious herbal extracts to give people a natural edge in life. Alomo bitters is prepared from carefully chosen plant extracts. It is the best and most reliable restorative provided by nature. This original herbal bitters is a great appetizer and promotes vitality especially in men.”

He pointed out that the company’s world class Quality Assurance Management System continuously monitors product quality parameters for compliance with established standards and specifications, adding that consistency in functional properties and product safety of Alomo Bitters has been assured from both scientific research and product history from 1998 without any incidents.

“Alomo Bitters per record is so far the only scientific evaluated herbal based alcoholic in Ghana and it remains authentically African,” he stated.

The new-look Alomo Bitters has unique pack modification, it now comes in 30ml sachet and the brand has expanded its sales territory to other countries such as Togo, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Benin, Sierra Leone, Liberia, South Africa.

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