KCee keeps mum on marital status -’That’s for another day, not today’


Award-winning Limpopo crooner, Kingsley Okonkwo popularly known as KCee is doing everything possible to keep his marital status away from the public domain. He declined to respond to the story swirling around town about his reconciliation move with pretty wife, Ijeoma and two kids, when ENCOMIUM Weekly cornered him at an event held last week in Lagos.

KCee, who leads 2014 The Headies with the highest nominations, however opened up on his blooming music career since he parted ways with his partner of my many years, Presh, and why he loves flaunting his wealth on social media…

How has this year been for you?

For KCee, it has been a wonderful year. I started big time last year and 2014 has been so perfect to me. I’ve dropped a couple of singles and videos and they’ve been doing so well. Also, I’ve been busy doing shows across the globe. I am very grateful to God. What else does a musician pray for, if not that? So I think I have all the cause to thank God.

Kcee (2)Why do you love flaunting your assets on social media?

I think I’ll have to correct something. I started it, I started the journey. Sometimes most people don’t really understand the business we do, sometimes you can be quiet then you just want people to talk about you and you give them what to talk about. I started that on my instagram, I started talking about me and my fashion. Of course, for those that have been following me know what it means to be a fashion icon.

Sometimes people think that you’re proud when you start to call yourself any name but for me I’m just having fun with my instagram followers. Most times I post a picture, I be like, yeah, this is it, fashion icon and people will start talking, giving you different names. And each time I post pictures, I get more than 2,000 comments from my followers. It’s fun and I keep doing it.

How do you feel when some of your fans criticise you for doing this?

Actually, like I said, there is nothing we do as musicians that is secret. Everything we do is public. There are so many people that are not popular that do more than what we do and nobody cares and nobody want to know what they do. But for me, even if you don’t do anything, they talk about you, if you do, they still talk about you. Common, I am just expressing myself. Even American artistes do the same, from Beyonce to Rihana, and others. If they get anything, they put it on social media. If they want to go anywhere, they put it on social media. I just like to express myself, without bothering myself on what they say. It is just keeping your real followers or die-hard fans informed about what you do. It’s not a problem. For those that are criticizing it, it’s normal. No matter who you are on earth, people will critcize you. People criticise President, Pastors and even Jesus Christ was criticised in the Bible. So, I don’t care about what they are saying, the only thing I do is to make sure I learn from whatever my fans are saying. As far as my fashion sense is concerned, I think its 100 percent correct.

You spend so much on accessories. Can you tell us the highest amount you’ve spent?

The truth is, I love accessories a lot. I love clothes, too but I don’t like talking figures. But trust me, I like getting real things, don’t like getting fake. I like to get things that are worth it. Some of the things I put on, if you want to check the prices, you can check it online. I don’t want to call figures right now.

KceeWhat are your precious accessories?

I don’t joke with my earrings. They are very precious to me. I go out with it wherever I go.

A lot of your fans want to know your marital status?

That’s for another day, not today.

Just tell, are you married or not?

I don’t want to talk about it now.

We learnt you’re reconciling with your former partner, Presh. How true is it?

Actually, no time for fighting or quarreling, we just went separate ways in music and we are still friends. We talk on the phone once in a while. We are having a show today (on Tuesday) and we would be performing together. It’s not a big deal, it’s something we’ve been doing for years. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t think I’m competing with anyone. What I do is music and that’s what I love doing but if you look at it the other way round in the industry, everybody is competing to be on top, it’s a competition generally. But between me and Presh, there is nothing like that. I’m just doing what I know how to do best, that’s all.


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