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Kcee of defunct KCPresh talks about Okpekete remix with Davido + Relationship with Ebube Nwagbo

HIP-Hop star, Kingsley Okonkwo (Kcee) has been talking about his latest collabo with rising music star, Davido.  Doing the third remix of the hot single, Okpekete, Kcee after separating from his label mate of a decade, Presh (Precious John) shared his recording experience with Omo Baba Olowo crooner, his musical career and relationship with star actress, Ebube Nwagbo amongst other issues…


You have been attending a lot of shows lately?

It’s about hard work, dedication and consistency.

You were at AY Live show in Lagos which other shows have you attended in the last seven months?

I was at 9ice’s album launch.  I also performed at Rhythm Unplugged in Ibadan, Oyo State and of course, Star Trek.  I was equally at Niger-Delta Carnival in Delta State weeks back.  I was in Port Harcourt with 2Face, Sound Sultan, Timaya and a whole lot of other music stars.  It has been a busy time for Kcee.  And I thank God for His favour and blessings.

You and 2Face actually got fans crazy at the South-South end of 2012 Star Trek.  How does it feel?

It feels good when you are appreciated.  And it makes you happy. Star Trek in Calabar was on point. It was awesome; I even had to dash out my wrist watch and necklace to my crazy fans.  I have no regret about it at all.

You won the maiden edition of Star Quest in 2002, are you not worried that no outstanding act has emerged from the talent hunt show, 10 years on?

Most of them are trying their best.  The Pulse is doing very well. Don’t forget they did a collabo with Buster Rhyme. I always say that it all depends on the artist.  You have to grab an opportunity and make the best use of it. I can’t put the blame on NB Plc or the brand, Star.  The winners have to be ready for the business.

What has been your strength after about 12 years in the industry?

It’s just putting my eyes down to study the business deeply and following the trend.  Music changes every minute, every second.  So, the ability to change with this is working for me.  Above all, it’s God’s blessings and favour.

So, what has been the peculiar challenge of being a solo artist?

It has not been easy but at the same time, it has paid off so far.  When I started, I didn’t know it was going to go this far.  The earlier stage was difficult because you needed to convince people you can do it alone.  It took me about four, five months to prove myself.

So, what’s on ground right now?

I have done about five singles.  The first was Okpekete.  The second single was Now I know, with the video.  After that, I dropped the Carnival with the video, another song with Harrysong entitled Knack me.  The Okpekete remix with South Africa artist, Pablo.  There is also Totori with Harrysong, it’s now Okpekete’s third remix with the rave of the moment, Davido, Omo Baba Olowo crooner.  Trust me, the song is getting massive response and attention right now.

Why a third collabo of Okpekete?

This is music.  Even in America, one song can get up to 10 remixes. Davido loved the song and wanted to be part of it.  He jumped into the boat and killed it. I love that remix, I must tell you.

So, what was it like working with the young artist?

The truth is you need to know people before you say anything about them.  For me, my experience with Davido in the studio showed he is a talented young man.  He has so much talent.  Trust me, people are yet to find out.  I respect his talent. He has the energy to write and deliver.  He knows much about music.  This gives him a whole lot of mileage against so many other artists.

Are you guys planning to do more collabos?

Yeah, we are like a family right now. Trust me, anything can happen.  Just keep your fingers crossed.  We can decide to do more songs and collaborate at other business fronts.

What was the attraction to Davido?

Like I said, he knows music.  Again, he has style and swag.  I got my own style too.  Something really connects us.  You are going to find this out after our video.

Let’s talk about your other collaborations. First with Harrysong, how did you meet?

I first met Harrysong in Surulere, Lagos.  He was performing and I was arrested by his energy on stage.  We exchanged phone numbers.  The connection between us right now is music, friendship and brotherhood.  We are moving ahead and nothing is stopping us.

Inyanya is the rave of the moment and he used to be your boy?

I’m excited by his success.  Inyanya is talented.  The first day I set my eyes on him too, I also knew he would be a music star.  That was even before he won Project Fame.  We met in Calabar.  He was handling a karaoke bar in a hotel. I featured him in my third album.  His stage name then was Desire not Inyanya.  When he moved to Lagos, we did a couple of songs together.  After that, we heard about Project Fame and we encouraged him to register.  We supported him and he won.  I’m so proud of him right now.

Can you please tell us about Five Star Music?

Five Star Music is run by me and my brother, E-Money (Emeka Okonkwo).  He is the President while I’m the Vice President.  Very soon, we are going to unveil other artists.  We are ready to change lives this time around.

So, how is family life?

We thank God.  No regret.  No complain.

What about your daughter, wife and mom?

They are also doing fine.

A lot of people think you are still romancing Nollywood star actress, Ebube Nwagbo.

She is my friend.  The truth is she was my ex, no doubt, but that doesn’t mean we should kill each other or stone ourselves to death.  We are still very good friends any time, any day.

So, you are not dating again?

We are friends.

But there was this story months back that you bought her a property in Lagos?

I have heard that too, but I laughed it off.

How come you have not bought a new car lately, are you lying low or something like that?

The truth is the fire will never quench.  The fire is still burning.  But sometime in your life, you need to slow down. I have a lot of priorities.  I’m a family man.  All the same, you will be hearing from Okpekete master very soon.  I’m not lacking anything.  Everything is still on point.

What’s your relationship with Presh?

We are still very close.

When did you see him last?

Not long ago.

When are you dropping your much expected solo album?

I don’t have a date yet. I’m still in the studio recording. I have recorded more than 20 tracks.  And I’m still recording.

Where is Kcee headed?

We are still climbing to the top.  Like Puff Daddy said years back, 10 years from today, Kcee is still going to be on top.  After 12 years, I’m still relevant and doing my best.  Many we started out with have fizzled out.  We would be in this game forever.

12 years is a landmark, having missed to celebrate 10 years as an artist, any plan to celebrate now?

It’s still 10 years as a professional and when I clock 12 years, I would celebrate to appreciate God and my fans.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, August 7, 2012

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