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Keep your child safe with these simple steps

Every parent’s top priority is keeping their wards safe from danger. A forum dedicated to giving parents support, Anxious Toddlers listed simple tips to help keep your child safe when you’re not around them.

1. Get rid of everything that’s got your child’s name on it – from personalised lunch boxes to bag packs.

2. Have a family code. Come up with different code words that is not too common. Codes that only you and your children understand.

3. Teach your children never to keep secrets. They should be able to tell you immediately, if they are abused.

4. Let them learn how to alert their environment if they are in danger. Your kids should scream out and alert their environment when they are in dangerous situation.

5. Educate your child about what to do if they feel unsafe. They should find a mother with her children, if they can. It doesn’t totally guarantee safety, but it might just be helpful in stressful situation.

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