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Kehinde Oluwatoyin Babaagba, 20, is more than excited at the moment as she came tops at the just concluded 5th convocation of Redeemers University, Mowe, Ogun State on Thursday, September 12, 2013. The Computer Science graduate finished with a CGPA of 4.96.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with her on the tricks of her success and advice for undergraduates.


How do you feel as the best graduating student of your set?

I feel honoured and favoured by God because I am aware of the fact that it could have been anyone but God chose me. I am still trying to take it all in at the moment. I must confess, it is overwhelming.

Did you envisage being the best graduating student?

Yearly they publish the list of students that are topping the colleges, so everyone is aware of his overall standing. I had an idea but I was praying to emerge the best at the end of the day.

What would you say made you come out tops?

God’s grace most especially, a bit of hard work and commitment.

What were some of the challenges you faced?

In my first year, for example, there was the challenge of adjusting to university life and the liberties it had to offer. Also striking the balance between academics, spiritual life and social activities, avoiding time wasters, to mention a few.

What was your study schedule like?

I had a reading time table and with the help of God I tried to read daily but for most part, God helped me. With little effort He gave me great results.

Share some of your high and low moments with us?

Most of my high moments revolved around chapel activities, like when serving in the chapel, time spent in the choir and with my friends as well as the times God gave me scholarship and the award ceremonies, etc. For low moments the time I lost a close friend, the times I lost touch with God, the times when tests weren’t so good, the times when we had temporary issues with light, food or water in school, etc.

Could you give us a break down of your GP all through your stay in the university?

100L (first semester) – 4.91, 100L (second semester) – 4.83, 200L (first semester) – 5.0, 200L (second semester)-5.0, 300L (first semester) -4.96, 300L (second semester) – 5.0, 400L (first semester) – 5.0, 400L (second semester) – 5.0 and CGPA – 4.96.

Who influenced you?

First,  my earnest desire is to please God and that influences my every decision. And then a lot of people have influenced me the list is inexhaustible – my parents, leaders, friends, etc.

What advice do you have for undergraduates?

I humbly advice that undergraduates should take the God factor more seriously and be committed, hardworking and focused.

What was your relationship with lecturers?

I tried to maintain a good rapport with my lecturers.

Were you involved in any social activity while in school?

Yes, I was in the debate team, a number of singing groups as well.

How did your parents feel when they knew you were the best graduating student?

My parents were in a state of euphoria upon hearing the news and most especially grateful to God.

Your twin sister also finished with a first class. Would you say it runs in the family?

By God’s grace. God has made all of us sound academically.

You won so many cash prizes, how much was it all together?

All gratitude to God for the money won but for obvious reasons I don’t want that published.

What would you do with the money?

The portion due to God would be appropriately given and the rest invested as deemed fit.

What next after this?

School, school and more school (further my education), make sustained impact in  academics and music, family raising and strive to make heaven.

Tell us about yourself (age, schools attended, parents, siblings)?

I am 20. I attended Unique International Group of Schools, International Unity School, Archdeacon Brown Education Centre and Thomas Adewumi International College. My parents are God fearing, very loving and supportive. My mother  is a trader and father an engineer. I have three sisters. My elder sister is an accountant, my twin an economist and the younger sister a student.

Were you in any relationship while in school?

I wasn’t in any.

Would you say having relationship affects ones studies?

Having a relationship doesn’t necessarily affect your studies provided you can strike the balance, remain focused, know which one comes first and seek guidance for accountability.




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