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Kehinde recaps Taiwo Oshadipe’s last moments

ON Sunday, May 3, 2015, gospel singer cum actress, Kehinde Oshadipe of Oshadipe Twins fame staged a Comeback Concert in honour of her late twin sister, Taiwo who died on Friday, October 3, 2014, after a brief illness.

The twin event also featured the launching of a non-governmental organization (NGO) called The Oshadipe Twins Initiative (TOTI). According to the talented entertainer, the main objective of the foundation is to launch a battle against LUPUS(SLE), Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, the deadly disease that cut Taiwo’s dream short.

The classy occasion held at Grandeur Event Centre, Oregun, Lagos, and in attendance were dignitaries from all walks of life. And the venue was literarily set ablaze with Kehinde’s electrifying performance, the first solo effort since she started her career as a musician.

Popular gospel act, Yinka Aiyefele was also on the bandstand while the event lasted.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had an exclusive interview with Kehinde on the show and other issues especially the last moments of her sister and friend, Taiwo Oshadipe.


We sympathise with you on the death of your twin sister, Taiwo Oshadipe.

Thank you, sir.

How would you describe the experience since her passage?

It has not been easy at all but I thank God I am coping. I have been able to weather the storm through the help of people of God in the church, other well meaning Nigerians and close friends in the industry. And so far, I am still coping. It’s not something I will just forget in one day. It’s everlasting because the memories are there. It’s a painful exit in my life. But the fact that her son is there is a kind of joy for me. Most times even when I am down and feel like seeing her, I would hold the son, imagining I am holding my sister.

Since she passed on, have you attended any show or social engagement?

No, this is my first event since Taiwo died. And that’s one of the reasons for organizing this event so that people out there would know I am back, and I am back for good. I intend to continue with my career as a singer and actress. So, from today, I will be attending shows and events.

What’s your assessment of today’s event?

I am blown away because I gave the invites to very few people and a lot of people came. People supported me, left whatever they’re doing to sit here for many hours. We didn’t even start early and yet they waited for us to see what we’re going to do. And they all showed their love throughout my performance and what I have done. They gave me their support in cash and kind. Grandeur Events gave me this place for free, Mr. Yinka Aiyefele supplied all these music equipment free and so many others who also showed their love and support. So, what more can I say? I am also sincerely grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Wale Adenuga, Prof. Femi Adelowo and many more.

You tagged this event, Comeback Concert, what’s the main objective of the concert?

The main objective of it all is the fact that one, I want to make the whole world know even if my sister, Taiwo is not here physically, she is with us spiritually. And I don’t intend to just chicken out and drop our music career. I just have to carry on because that’s what Taiwo would want me to do. She was a forward looking person, very focused. She wasn’t a kind of person that if something happens and that’s the end of it, she was always eager to provide solution to every problem. What’s the next thing? What’s the solution? That was her spirit. And that’s why I am doing what I am doing today. And second, the reason I organized this show is to let the public know exactly what happened to Taiwo of which I invited a renowned medical doctor to educate people on the cause of Taiwo’s death. And that’s the reason I also launched a non-governmental organization called The Oshadipe Twins Initiative (TOTI). And from there I will see how it will be of help to mankind. I will use Taiwo’s name as a celebrity to give voice to LUPUS (SLE), Systemic Lupus Erythematus patients. There are some of them that I invited here today but I didn’t just want to mention names.

You said there is going to be a walk against LUPUS, when is that coming up?

It will hold in a month. It will be around Lagos city basically. The money that we realize today is going to be used to support LUPUS patients because when Taiwo was sick, the kind of medication she was using was very expensive to buy. It’s that bad. We’re going to take the foundation across Nigeria and Africa. We’re going to partner LUPUS foundation in the US, and all over the world. We believe, if we all fight it from all angles, LUPUS is going to be eradicated in our society. That’s the main objective of the foundation.

Let’s have a flashback at your career with Taiwo. How many albums did both of you release before her death?

Together we released three albums. The first is called Jesus Came to Africa, which was produced by late Evangelist Sunny Okosuns. The second one entitled, The Child I am also produced by late Evangelist Sunny Okosuns via Ivory Music. The third of course which is the last before her death, Destiny Calling, was produced by Wole Oni.

What fond memory of Taiwo do you still recall?

So many, not just one. Taiwo will definitely linger in my memory. There is no way I can describe how it feels not seeing Taiwo again. I don’t have the words to describe the situation. I am not joking, God knows. Taiwo is the best in everything, I am just coming after her. What I am doing now is just trying to run. Taiwo was stronger than I am. Even when she was sick, I told her she was stronger than me. If half of what happened to her happen me I would have gone long ago.

How much of her do you miss now?

I miss everything about Taiwo. She has always advised me to be strong.

How is life going to be now without her?

It’s not going to be easy but I will try. I miss her every moment.

What’s your plan for her son?

Taiwo’s son is my son. So, what do you expect?

Can you quickly tell us a little about her last moments?

We woke up in the morning and we’re supposed to go to hospital that morning but she was breathing heavily throughout the preceding night. I went to her side and held her hand. I noticed it was cold, and the whole of her body was cold as well. She didn’t look at me, unlike Taiwo. She just put her head down. We sat together on the bed. The next thing I heard was, “Kenny, you’re wasting time. Go and get dressed. Let’s go to the hospital. Why are you sitting down here?” And as I was trying to dress, my mom was inside with us. Taiwo said she wanted to urinate, and our mom held her. And the next I heard was my mom’s voice, “Kenny, Kenny, come and see Taiwo.” That was how she passed on. I couldn’t believe it. I said no, Taiwo couldn’t leave me. There was no way she would have left me, why, why? And after her demise, I was so emotional and upset. I was very upset with everybody. I was querying death. Why must Taiwo leave me behind? She should have taken me along. What have I done to have deserved this? I felt so bad that I won’t see her again. It was a terrible moment. But I just have to be strong and move on, it’s not easy.


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