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Kicks over Patience Jonathan’s court victory

Reactions trail court ruling on Patience Jonathan’s account

Reactions have been pouring in as the Federal High Court in Lagos on Thursday, April 6, 2017, ordered the account of former first lady of Nigeria, Dame Patience Jonathan to be unfrozen. With $5.8 million which the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission succeeded in freezing in November 2016, Patience Jonathan’s lawyer, Mr. Ifedayo Adedipe, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, argued that the she was not a party to the suit leading to the freezing order and as such urged the court to unfreeze the account. This claim was accepted and the judge, Justice Mojisola Olatoregun discharged the order freezing the account.

However, this development has generated a lot of reactions from the public. brings you Nigerians’ views on the ruling…


Oguntolu Blessing

To me, this act of the court has shown that we do no have a functioning judicial system in Nigeria. The judiciary is biased. It’s only a poor man that gets punished for any offence he commits in this country. Once you are rich, justice doesn’t take place. That’s the kind of society we live in.


Bello Olayinka

It’s not a new thing, it has always been happening. I am sure majority of Nigerians have been looking forward to this and it has just happened. I don’t think I am surprised.


Davies Rebecca

Patience already said it that she would get her money back and she has gotten it back. This is Nigeria, our system is let my people go. Patience Jonathan has the connection and she has made use of it, this is the result.


Fagbemi Olaleke

What were you expecting before? No court in Nigeria has been able to jail any politician over money laundering or mismanagement, they will always find them innocent at the end of the day. It’s only a poor man that steals in this country, rich people are saints.


Badru Saheed

I don’t know much about Patience Jonathan’s case but I think what has happened now is not different from what we used to have. Justice will always be in favour of the rich.


Adagunduro Elias

The problem is with the EFCC. I am sorry to say, EFCC does not have competent lawyers, but these people (looters) do. The looters have employed the most competent and as such, they always win the cases . This is a bad omen, and it only shows that EFCC can’t fight corruption. If I am not mistaken, this is the third time EFCC is losing against these looters, and I am quite sure that they’ve lost several others that we don’t even know.


Agbeleye Olayinka

Don’t mind the judge. What I know is that the case won’t end, the EFCC will still appeal. So, I think there is still hope but EFCC should try as much as possible to get good lawyers.


Oguntuase Isaac

I don’t know who to blame, whether it’s the federal government, EFCC or even the court. All these people embezzle the nation’s fund as if no-one could challenge them. There has to be changes soon, else Nigeria will be left with nothing.


Mrs. Sarumi Kafayat

Why can’t they just ask Patience where she go the money from or has she started a cooperative that we don’t know? Maybe she has started thrift collection that she has such huge amount in her account and she seems to be unquestionable. Further investigation should be done on the matter, they should not allow it to die down.


Mr. Famuyiwa Tony

I was not surprised when I heard about it, that’s Nigeria for you. There is nothing money can’t do in this country, that’s why Patience won the case. I just hope God takes control.


Makinde Aishat

These people are taking us for granted. Today they freeze her account, tomorrow, they unfreeze it. They are just legalising the illegals.




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