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KIX: The new martial arts Channels on DStv

Few movies are as thrilling and enjoyable as martial arts. These movies usually get you glued to your couch, eagerly waiting for the next fight scene. Most times, the gravity-defying abilities of the characters makes you forget why you came back to watch a particular martial arts movie again and again.

This is why MultiChoice is launching a new channel on DStv known as KIX. This channel which will be available from Tuesday, 29 September 2020 will provide customers with a blend of martial arts, action, and thriller movies in English. This channel will be giving viewers the very best of martial arts movies from Asia and Hollywood.  

There is a philosophy behind nearly every martial art. Martial arts is about becoming a better person, inside and out.

Some of the best martial arts films weave great combat with a story that portrays a martial arts philosophy. Behind the breaking-bricks-with-your-hands, here are some of the greatest life lessons most martial arts movies leave behind:


A movie like “The Karate Kid” (1984) teaches martial arts philosophy of patience. In the movie, Daniel Larusso spends four agonizing days waxing Mr. Miyagi’s car, painting his house, and refinishing his deck.  

Turns out these tasks were assigned to him in order to sharpen his muscles as Mr. Miyagi’s karate pupil.

“First learn stand, then learn fly,” Mr. Miyagi tells his pupil. “Nature rule, Daniel-san, not mine.”

This is a kind reminder that to become excellent at something requires patience while undergoing the slow, painful process.

Defend the defenseless

In “The Seven Samurai” a small village comes under the heavy assault of merciless bandits. The villagers are poor and defenseless.

After many more attacks, the villagers are faced with two options: fight back or hire some “hungry samurais”.

The samurais fight the bandits, but at great personal costs. Four die in battle, three survive to fight another day. But they earn honor, respect and gratitude from the villagers.

The martial arts philosophy of sacrificing for the greater good is at play here.  


In “Bloodsport” (1988), Frank Dux and Tanaka first meet when Frank tries to make away with a sword from Mr. Tanaka’s house.

Tanaka catches him but chooses not to bring the law upon him which allows him to cut Frank in two. He trains Frank and his son, Shingo for years.

When Shingo dies from fighting a highly illegal fight called Kumite, Frank begs to defend the honour of the family. “You are not Japanese!” Tanaka says. “You are not a Tanaka!”

Frank’s resolve to honour the Tanaka family makes him insist. He fights and wins.  

Outside of movies, martial arts teaches the following  transcendent skills: how to handle inner conflicts,  the value of self-awareness, self-discipline, perseverance and focus. These are some of the philosophies of traditional martial arts.

KIX will be available in Nigeria on Premium, Compact Plus and Compact packages on DStv channel 114.



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