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Knocks and kudos trail masquerades arrested for theft

The arrest of two masquerades on Tuesday, October 3, 2017, at Elere area of Agege (Lagos) for public disturbance and theft is eliciting reactions.

Paraded in a video, the masquerades will face prosecution soon.
Here’s the trending video:

 Here are the comments…

Cetromax NG:

They are not stealing, they are just begging for money. But if I may ask who and who did they obtained? Let’s be honest to our citizen and stop intimidating them with force.

Aremo Oleyo Ejide Mr police officer this totally wrong and if you are not careful the traditional rulers will act on this, this a country where everyone got his or her right to practice any religion so for you to be saying they can only comes out during their festival is unacceptable what of if they are having a special ceremony for their self or for the member of their society are you going to stop them ? Your duty is to provide a security and protection during this if you notice they want to be violence, even for you to tell the public the code of their offense you are blabbing, once you’ve arrested the owner of the masquerade and let him be dealt with accordingly if found guilty, you don’t have to bring them to the public to disgrace, through your rank you are not a baby in public servant. Pls don’t bring problem to our Lagos. We love our culture and we love our Lagos, itesiwaju eko lojewa logun

I beg the member of traditional rulers in Yoruba land to go against this public disgrace to our culture and say no to this bullshit



The gods are thieves?


Emmanuel Dick:

Masquerades are supposed to be ghosts. Have the police try live bullet for a proof?


Ezenne Solomon Chigozie:

U are even confused with what u re charging them with.


Silvia Pearce:

That is well done 👍🏿 they use to do that in my part of Africa useless masquerade, there was one that use to put on baboon suit and go around rapping beautiful young women when you call the police and tell them that you are rape by a baboon, they will look at you as if you are crazy , but one day the baboon was caught , the baboon was almost beaten to death , the police have to come and take the baboon to human hospital, no one was held responsible for the death of the baboon , funny in enough he was place in a coffin and bury with suit and neck tie 👔 the baboon suit he was wearing was place with him in his grave , since then no man have done that kind of stunt . Because of our culture people actually believe that he was a real baboon .they mind change when they tell them that he is a man in baboon suit.


Franklin Moni

This police man should be sacked.


Casmir Ikenna:

Good job sir,,, is too much for them,,, u have explain it all,, no festival going on so y should they come out,, only this in court they will b cooling in prison,, even if there’s festival,, who permitted them,, is their any police permit?? Carry go sir,,


Paulash Obiwonder:

This is very correct…. Detain them all!!!!


Anthony Harrison:

Fuck police nde ara they dont know there work obote


Tolani Esho:

I hope d traditional institution is not been interfere wit here.D masquerade owner may not b in agreement wit d king or bale as d case may b,dat dos not mean he cannot bring out his masquerade. Am not supporting stealing n d likes, bt d cp must respect d tradition of d pple


Walters Owanlan:

What led them into stealing, if what the police 👮 said is truth!! At the end day na still poverty cause man !! Na America them go check wetin motivate them to do such act !!!


Firstee Williams:

See the police fool nor fit give reasons of taking this men to court , is the masquerade the problem in our country , mumu


Olushola Paul Oshingbade:

But is there any physical evidence or victims that you have that to back your claims, you cannot just be arresting people indiscriminately just to proof to your god fathers that you are working mr commissioner, Tafa Balogun did the same thing, I think you should take it easy or you will fail


Mike Hunton:

Can’t stop laughing here 😂 😂 😂 police arresting ara orun egungun 😂😂😂…. I swear everything just turning up and down in dis our country 😂😂 see how egungun dey fear gun 🔫 🔫 🔫… Anyway all will be settled in oza room 😜 abi nobi police? 😂


Lawal Luqman:

Ara orun kinkinkin, I don’t see, someone from heaven that came to earth to be jailed, this is the first time,these are the person from heaven,and police should also be fear to arrest and I can see the fear on the part of masquerade now, which not suppose to be. This is the scene one, let wait and watch scene two, where this heavenly host will be jailed.😀😀😀


Rawlings Augustine Okafor:

Please DPO bring ur men to yaba and arrest some of these useless masquerade flogging and extorting from law abiding Nigerians. I thought they will even disappear ‘idiots


Prince Daniel:

Culture is gradually diminishing, for every action there is always reaction. Those involve should testify the consequence so others can learn


Ucheagu Stephen:

Ope oo.. This masquerade self.. Their own Don too much.. If them ask for money if you no give them na big wahala.. Them go flog you like say you do them bad.. Them suppose hang them gan.. Bastards]


Osas Philip:

Should even be banned u will see masquerade harassing people on the road forcing them to give them money and some time if they said they don’t have the masquerade frog them molesting them in the name of culture or deity please all these nonsense should be stopped from our road and let us get civilised for once for christ sake if u want to practice your practice it in your compound or Palace and not on the road or street where the general public are passing through


Francy Brain:

I dot know why some of you commenting here are raising abuses on the police on this one when they just did something extraordinary. Spirit or no spirit or culture as some of you on here put it, these are humans in covered faces. This issue have past a small issue and if not well handled, it will be the new group of terrorism mainly in Lagos. About last two Sunday ago, it was a group of drunk, weed smokers humans with a masquerade terrorizing people in Iba, ojo axis and when I came across them all of a sudden, I was damned frightened and I was forced to give them money with the threat of flogging. Nice job commissioner. You need to do more in this aspect before it turns to a national issue.


Okechukwu Sylvanus Ugwu:

Mr dpo we all knows that masquerade do exist in some parts of this country even in your home town,i like your job as a security officer, but can you please show the world the evidence of what you are saying, because i hate intimidation and embarrassment.


Richard Olusegun Ojomo:

This is correct. Am happy with the NPF. We need more people like this to address the freedom of wicked people who employ their traditional beliefs to kill people all in the name of celebration. Why can’t the masquerade react now. Gun you good oh…


Nkechi Kikyy Nwadigwe:

Spirit don go jail oh

Chai Masqurade don enter police wahala


Freeman Edu:

I don’t blem dere courage to survive, dare parents or uncle don’t have job to train dem in school or de finished school no job. De must put on one strategy or de order to make sure de keep on breathing in dare broke nation zoo

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