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Knocks for bill proposing amnesty for looters

When Linus Okorie’s sponsored bill on amnesty for looters was raised, other members of the House of Representatives hurriedly went against it because of its implications. If passed, the bill would allow those who looted public fund to return certain percentage of the money in exchange for total amnesty from prosecution. sampled opinions of Nigerians on their take about the controversial bill


Azeez Ahmed

It is fraudulent, our senators are trying to be smart , they know they are at cross road. They know Nigerians are smarter now, it shows how corrupt, greedy, and inhuman they are. They are so selfish. In fact they are bunch of thieves, they are looking for an escape route, we cannot count the number of people that have been lynched because they stole a ridiculous amount of money. The bill should not be encouraged.


Fatade Johnson

It is rubbish. Looters should either be beheaded or they should face what happened in Ghana, that is why things are working in that country. Funny enough, those thieves wouldn’t use the money to promote our economy. They rather take it abroad and continue to contribute to their economy, it is really a sad case.


Dayo Adeoye

In the first place, I don’t expect any reasonable member of the House to sponsor such rubbish. The person who sponsored the bill should be recalled.  He has no business representing any constituency. Thank God no member of the House accepted the bill. It shows the state and calibre of people representing us over there. The bill will encourage corruption, and it means looters would be encouraged to loot the more.


Babatunde Samson

I will advice EFCC to investigate the person that sponsored such bill, it shows the member of House up there don’t know why they were voted in. I don’t blame them, they are all looters. I think the best thing to do to looters is to lynch them, no more mercy.




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