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Knocks for Joe Igbokwe over Niger Delta full blown war vision

APC stalwart, Joe Igbokwe’s latest opinion article, ‘I Foresee Full-Blown War In The Niger Delta’ has clearly ruffled many feathers judging by reactions to the piece.

Igbokwe in his article had roundly criticised the oil facility destroying terrorists, Niger Delta Avengers and their ilk over their mindless acts and in doing so, appeared to have slated the entire region.

He said, “Unless senior citizens of the Niger Delta and patriots rise now to talk sense into the empty heads of the people that call themselves the Avengers and the Concerned Militant Leaders, a full-scale war is imminent in the Niger Delta, and it is going to be bloody and destructive.

“Now the Niger Delta militants are destroying oil platforms. They have crippled power stations that run on gas. They have destroyed their own landscape and polluted the waters and aquatic life. Apart from NDDC, Ministry of Niger Delta and 13% deprivation, the militants from the region have been granted amnesty by the Federal Government and have been on the payroll for close to 10years now. Jonathan was the President for 6years, and he used the exalted position to provide massive empowerment to the people of the region. Apart from making the militants multi-billionaires for doing nothing, people from the region were made Heads of juicy MDAs. What else do they want?

“If the president can crush Boko Haram, these useless Avengers are damned too small. I foresee war in the Niger Delta, and it will bloody and destructive. Niger Delta has nothing to offer Nigeria anymore except, criminality, sabotage, destruction of oil platforms, murder, brigandage, and corruption.”

Read comments below…

DeviIhimself: joe igbokwe is a goat

kropotkin11: whether he lives or dies cannot change the fact that in the next coming weeks there will be a massive crackdown on criminal elements in the creeks. The orders have already been given and the troops mobilized. You can do nothing about it

Esseite: Just imagine how the write up consist of the three major ethnic group in Nigeria depicting their strengths and hailing them to high heavens just to form solidarity against the Niger delta’s?….

All of these stories would not have surfaced, neither would all these crisis and protest if the president was a better politician who did not believe in nepotism..

Nepotism was the cause.. now you are trying to cajole the ego of the SE, because you know they would rather go with SS… when they were never invited in the first place…

I support pmb but he has set a bad precedent for Nigeria.

chesterlee(m): So Joe Igbokwe is seeing a bloody war in Niger Delta . And Fulani Herdsmen are pushing from the North ? Pray tell me, Who is in the center?

This man’s name should be forcefully changed to Jegede or AdeYeye!

magicalx(m):The War will be in your house!

omaguibu(m): worried when I got to the line where you addressed Jonathan as rudderless and clueless. I guese your children are reading this post and some of your comments, what message do you pass to them? You realy need to convince them that they should be proud of you,.

As for the Niger Delta Avengers, the world has gone pass the position they are taken. They should drop all barbaric approach to press home any agitation from government. I wonder how many times they have asked thier state Governors what they do with their allocations.

MasterofNL: joe igbokwe is one Igbo man that should be dragged to the nearest tree and hanged.

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